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Reviewed by Rat Salad from Chicago on Sunday, September 18, 2016
Cards on the table.. I am not your typical trail junkie, I like to so really short tough trails that I can drive between. The real need for these boots is I am over 300lbs and have bad ankles (correlation?) and need extreme support. In fairly short order I sag over light boots and need to replace pretty quickly fo I needed a boot that held up long term. Now with that noise out of the way.

For years I have purchased mid-high end backpacking boots (Scarpa, Asolo, Scarpa, Zamberlan.. etc) but this is my first Norwegian welt (hiking) boot since the 80's when they were in fashion. It is incredibly made and a STEAL at the price here on STP.

I have seen a few reviews talk about how the tongue lays and difference between right and left boot. I looked them over and they looked identical to me new, but did break in differently (more fold over under outside lace guides on one shoe than on the other), but my feet like most everybody's are not identical and I rarely have both shoes look the same after some use. Also, (IMHO) handmade can mean some differences that impact aesthetics but not function. Maybe not in high end fashion stuff, but in my ReLoad bag, and a handmade knife I have, they show differences that give them character.

Since I will really not be able to review based on the technical use of these boots as so many others have and will.. here are information items
Purchased in Sept of 2016 12ee..
They weigh in at 2lbs 12oz Each (4oz under spec)
Have the ball bearing lace guides (not in STP picture)
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