Alico New Guide Mountaineering Hiking Boots (For Men)

Closeouts. For good reason, these classic hiking boots from Alico come recommended by expert mountaineers. Superb heavy-duty hiking boots are crafted to take on rigorous alpine terrain. Beautiful, one-piece leather protects your feet, and the leather-lined interior is breathable and nearly friction free. Created in a small factory in the Dolomites by skilled artisans, these are boots you'll treasure.

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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by JeromeZ1 from Colorado on Tuesday, May 20, 2014
    I've owned several old-school Italian made boots like these since the 80s and they have all been about the same regarding quality and construction, although this Perwanger leather is different from the thicker full-grain leather of prior boots. And this makes the boots lighter, yes lighter in my opinion! I'm in my 40's and don't need to be swinging around hams from my ankles anymore so I was hesitant to order one more pair to last me the rest of the decade. You can imagine my surprise when I put these on and started stiff-walking around the house with ease like a young Frankenstein. Maybe if you're used to those glued together Chinese tennis shoes passing for hiking boots these days (I've owned and blown through several pair), then you'll think these are a bit heavy, but otherwise, they just aren't that heavy. I haven't begun the break-in phase, but I already know what's in store for me so I can't say anything negative about that. These seem like they'll hold up on or off the trail just like my previous pairs. Buy them 1/2 size larger than what your foot is. If you're into trendy fast-packing ultra light gear, and don't want boots you can beat on like a red headed step child, then these aren't for you. It will be a sad day if STP stops selling these. I might have to pay $500 for some Limmers in the future.
  • Reviewed by Jeremy from woods on Wednesday, May 14, 2014
    Really like the new guide mountaineering boots I'm a wildland firefighter they feel great but the first day I had them on about 5 hours I went to tighten them and the stick on the tongue was coming undone I was not on a fire just at the office working and now they have no new ones that are sewn right in my size but I will make do I do really like the boot the ones I got weren't sewn right it happens
  • Reviewed by Rod from Idaho on Tuesday, April 01, 2014
    Reading many of the reviews on this site, I purchased a pair of Summits since many stated the New Guide to be very heavy, etc.

    As for the Summits, they are very well made and appear of high quality, but they are more like molded-sole "hikers", not really stout mountain boots. I sent them back.

    I have worn Whites for many, many years but have had numerous problems with them and decided to try something different. I have a pair of Asolos that are very comfortable but have a sold tread that is simply dangerous on slppery terrain, very poor. I actually took an angle grinder and cut grooves in the soles to improve the grip and that helped. I've used them very hard and the soles on mine eventually peeled off, too, but I reglued them with contact cememtn and sealed the entire edges with the excellent product Free Sole. But I still needed a replacement for my Whites Loggers.

    I bought a pair of Alico New Guides. I am just breaking them in now and they appear to be exactly what I have been looking for.

    For those who really need a stout boot to live in and cover lots of rough terrain in, don't fall for the horror stories of the weight of the New Guides. They are NOT that heavy. Yes, they are heavier than tennis shoes, but if you need srong foot and nakle support on rocky and rough terrain, no flimsy-soled boot will do. I have not yet worn these hard but they appear to be of really excellent materials and construction and tho I was a Whites user for many years, like these better.

    Due to the onepiece construction and conformation, I am able to slip a 3/8" lift in one boot and still make it fit. The lacing system allows this without having to have a custom shoe built.

    And I happy to see a boot with an actual Vibram sole.

    I live in and need very sturdy boots and look forward to updating these.

    My feet as custom sized run 10 and 10.5. I ordered both a 10.5 and an 11. The 10.5's are going back as they are just a smidge short. I like the generally narrow feel to the boot. Give the foot support side-to-side.

    For those who are scared off by the horror stories of "too heavy", "too hard", etc, don't be. These are good boots. I did initial breakin wearing them indoors for 2 days and they began to conform to my feet very well. I hope they turn out in the mountains as they appear to be; Excellent boots.
  • Reviewed by Person of the outdoors from Colorado on Thursday, March 06, 2014
    An all around excellent boot, a extreme boot for extreme conditions. Having worn Alico foot wear I knew what to expect, good sound quality materials put together with care and gifted craftsmanship. Sized as stated for a perfect fit. Size for a heavy boot sock, lace up and enjoy a walk in the out of doors.
  • Reviewed by Paul1184 from Upstate NY on Sunday, February 23, 2014
    Out of the box these boots looked amazing. The craftsmanship is second to none. The boot itself has no flex and feels like steel. I have had good boots in the past that needed wearing in but these seemed excessive. I wore them for a day around the house and was worried that I would never be able to break these babies in. In fact I re-boxed them and asked for a refund as I though that my feet would not be able to take the strain. Once back in the box I decided to take a more in depth view of the reviews at STP before sending them back. The reviews convinced me to break open the box one more time. Thank the heavens I did. One more day on my feet they felt great. The size is pretty much true to size (13D) but if I had the option I probably would have chosen wide version. found a little bit of slide in the heal box but new insoles and lace adjustment cured this. I have had Zamberlan mountain boots back in the day and walked Austrian, Italian and French alps these are as good. the leather is exceptional. For the record I have not yet tested these boots on anything more than the flatlands at the moment and have not put them through a wet day. I hope they last as they should.
  • Reviewed by Bushman from Tullahoma, TN on Sunday, February 23, 2014
    Just wore them for the first time yesterday. Wore them four hours and I can say is wow! When folks talk about a little stiff and need to break in LISTEN. They are like SKI BOOTS but they did slightly better after a few hours, which was all my feet could take. Made the old RedWing Boots seem like tennis shoes. I am a farmer/landscaper/Boy Scout by trade. I wanted a boot I could beat up and still last a long time. Before wearing I gave them a few coats of neatsfoot oil compound to soften them up and it gave them a nice rich dark brown color. They were originally very grey. I intend to use zamberlan hydrobolic cream from now on mostly because I have lots of it. They are very solid and look like fireman boots. Will not win styling points with the cappuccino crowd. Some one said they are what you would have if you but your foot into the side of a cow. But they are what they are very very tough service boots. They will protect your ankle if you are hiking in rocky areas and not blow out on you. I originally bought the Zamberland 1025 Tofane (460.00) and wow GOD SMILED as those were created! I can wear them to church absolutely beautiful and unbelievably comfortable and I still have them:). They are made to last 30 years yet I could not bring myself to scuff new zamberlands just yet while working under a tractor so I bought the alico's for that and service work in landscaping. I can slam these boots against a spade and never worry about hurting them. I am giving them 5 stars for at their price level they do what they are suppose to do better then any local boot I could buy. I have never had boots that truly needed to be BROKEN IN and I was warned so in good conscience I will not deduct any points for that. Did I mention untill they are broken in they are like SKI BOOTS?
  • Reviewed by drumdude62 from Iowa on Monday, February 17, 2014
    Excellent Boots. They do take a while to break in but once they do very comfortable. I am actually using them as work boots and light hikers and have no issues with them being to heavy etc.
  • Reviewed by Burroughs from New York City on Monday, February 10, 2014
    When I open the box, the first thing I saw were a product that I had no business owning. These boots are designed for heavy duty wilderness exploration. The padding on the ankles are robust soft but firm leather padding. They are taking a toll on my breaking them in; meaning to walk not like Frankenstein because they are heavy and are unyielding in any flexibilty as out of the box. I was shoveling snow yesterday and they are great anchors when needing balance. On hard surfaces, like concrete or other man made surfaces, a real diservice to the vibram soles; they crave dirt or snow. Do I love them? I love the look, they get attention, the quality is unmatched. I am learning to love them which is expected real soon.
  • Reviewed by USFSranger from West Montana on Monday, January 27, 2014
    Outside of the old original 7797 HERMAN SURVIVORS, these are the best boots I have ever used!
    Working with the United States Forest Service (30 years) and the National Park Service (10 plus years),
    my work keeps me in the backcountry of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Back East, I work in the
    Southern Appalachian Highlands.

    My only complaint is that the soles will separate from the leather uppers even with the best of water
    proofing. The sprays that Alico recommends will cause the stiching to "dry rot" after just a few months
    of rigid use in the mountains.

    A good cobbler can "hand stich" the soles back on.
  • Reviewed by Canyon crawler from Canyon crawler on Thursday, December 26, 2013
    These boots are exactly what I was looking for - a quality replacement for boots I wore as a young man hiking all over Arizona in the late 70s and 80s - including some extreme backcountry hikes deep in the Grand Canyon. These are comfortable, well made and have ankle support and soles as stiff as iron. My wife and I are planning a Grand Canyon Hike in 2014. After these arrived, I immediately bought her a pair. Can't wait to drop below the rim.
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