Alico Summit Backpacking Hiking Boots (For Men)

Closeouts. Nestled within the Alps, the Dolomites are known for jagged peaks and deep crevasses that have challenged the climber's craft for centuries. The Summit from Alico was handcrafted by artisans in this awe-inspiring region. Its one-piece oil-tanned leather upper was made to explore the tough terrain of rugged landscapes. Soft leather interior and moisture-wicking insole reduces friction and blisters.

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  • Reviewed by Matthew from Australia on Friday, August 21, 2015
    I have owned a number of pairs of this style of boot, branded as other brands (Asolo and Kathmandu). However, I suspect they all came out of the same factory or from the same makers. For the most part they are the only foot-ware I ware. My past boots have succumbed to various ailments. The shanks often rust out. A foot wound caused the leather lining to rot out of one pair and I managed to break the soles on another pair. But I cannot blame the boots. I get at least three years out of a pair and I give them hell.
    My new pair of Alico Summit boots are an excellent fit and required zero breaking in. They seem pretty good, but I think the fancy tongue design will be their weak point. The design on the New Guide boots looks more like the other pairs I have had and is a part that has never failed. I'll always wear this kind of boot. I just hope someone keeps making them or I will have to start looking after and repairing my old ones.
  • Reviewed by Deadhoss from Canyonlands on Monday, August 03, 2015
    I hiked/backpacked in sandals for 20 years. As I grew older, the sole soles of my feet grew tender and my desire for good purchase on the downhills forced me into boots. I began testing light weight boots and proceeded up the weight ladder until I found comfort and security with the Alico's. Once broken in, these are backpacking puppies. But, breaking them in tested my resolve. Left boot was a good fit. However, the right boot did not fit my larger right foot. No, I did not attempt the old hike till you bleed break in method. I did spend more hours than I care to remember with a broom handle working the heel cup. Finally, with nothing to lose, I soaked the boot overnight then hiked until it was dry. Success! Just greased them up and slapped on a backpack. Oh, how sweet it is to have happy feet.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Motorcycle Ed from Nebraska on Wednesday, July 22, 2015
    At first the fit was a little larger than I was expecting. I usually wear size 11.5 or 12 shoes, so I went with the 11.5 and found them too loose in the toe box. I ordered a size down and they now fit like a glove! Customer service was great and the replacement boots came very quickly. Over all I am very pleased. They look and feel better than I'd imagined and they have lots of grip and adjustability, which I like. I would recommend these to anyone. While they are a bit on the heavy side, they make up for it in durability and support. Thanks Sierra Trading Post!
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Zander Guido from New Mexico on Monday, July 13, 2015
    Only a week in, but I've walked a few miles in these on steep and rocky terrain, and so far not even a hint of a blister. They feel solid and protective, and not a squeak to be heard. They will take a while to break in, as they are stiff. Yet even when brand new, the leather liner fits like a glove. Also the toes are roomy, I guess for thick wool socks. It's nice to have some toe wiggle. I have to tighten up the laces usually a couple of times before I get them cranked down suitable.

    My last boots were Lowa gtx (40 EUR/7.5 US). In the Alico's I got the 7 and have plenty of space. So I would say these Alico's run true to size of not a bit larger.

    I take comfort knowing they are resoleable, so that is incentive to take care of the leather. I have some obenauf's that I plan on using on these.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Bob the boot destroyer from California on Tuesday, June 16, 2015
    These are traditional Italian mountaineering and hiking boots. they are one piece leather and Norwegian welt construction. The old school style Vibram montbloc soles give superb traction on snow, ice and boulders. Due to their construction a break in period is required. I typically expand the toe box by stuffing tennis balls and soaking with alcohol for several days. This gives you the toe room for steep descents and thick socks. I also treat the leather with a beswax and mineral oil/vaseline product to waterproof and soften the leather. Murray beeswax for hair or Howards beeswax furniture polish are good products. I also use 550 paracord for the laces.I put duct tape on the tender spots on my feet for the first few outing to prevent blister then they are good to go. The insoles are ok but if you are a serious hiker you should buy custom or fitted insoles anyway. These boot give maximum support and protection for your feet and ankles and are very comfortable when broken-in. The main drawbacks are the weight and breath ability. Heat doesn't bother me and the support they provide is an acceptable trade off for me. I guess you call tell that I love these boots. I have summitted Mt Whitney done a rim to rim Grand canyon backpack with a 40# pack and countless hours of boulder hopping and scrambling in the desert with them. My first pair is over two years old and still going strong although they will be in need off a resole soon. I did make a toe rand to keep them from getting scuffed too much in the desert as I am very hard on boots. I have tried the lightweight eva sole type boots and they don't last me more than six months. If you are a trail runner type looking for the lightest boot, forget about these. You will not be happy with them. If you do multi day backpacking carrying heavy loads or hike on sketchy even terrain these will save you feet. There is a weight penalty but your tough Right?
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Rick from NH from New Hampshire on Monday, June 15, 2015
    A rugged and comfortable boot. This boot can be worn all day and pretty much go anywhere. High quality build, old world. . hand made Italian craftsmanship. Break-in is minimal and the leather lining is pure luxury. True to size and width as all Alico products. Most Italian hikers are high volume boots, built for heavier socks or socks and liners. These are no exception. Do not confuse high volume with sized too wide.
  • Reviewed by Outback Rowan from Central and South Austalia on Wednesday, June 03, 2015
    Rowan here from South Australia
    I have received my Alico Summits about a week ago. Am very happy with the quality of the boot and even more happy with STP service. Thanks guys
    These are an incredibly rigid boot and surprisingly light weight for there build and style.
    Fit is accurate and almost identical to my outgoing Scarpa Nangpa
    There are absolutely no high tech materials designed to fail in 1 seasons worth of wear. Nothing but leather, stitched sole and quality Italian craftsmanship. This does mean that you'll have to sacrifice a little comfort compared to a modern style of hiking boot. They feel like boots, not sneakers! With this comes fantastic sense of safety and security.
    I hike and hunt in very harsh, South Australian conditions and have never managed to get more than about thirteen months out of a pair of hiking boots! Even if the uppers have held up, the soles wear out and haven't been repairable.
    This is where the Alico steps in.
    I'm confident that the soles will last a long time and when they do kick it, I can have them replaced.
    There is no doubt that the leather uppers will last me years to come too and having a leather lining means a great life span too.
    So far I have taken them out for three treks at approximately 8km to 10km each.
    Not a single blister but the break in is tough on your feet so keep those toe nails short and the socks thick for the first few treks.
    Having said that though, the Summits are already starting to free up.
    I am looking forward to many years of service and reliability.
    Thanks STP
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by lisa from idaho on Sunday, May 31, 2015
    sizing between full and half is a little off from my experience. I ordered 9, too big, went down to 8 1/2, to small. other than that, great quality boot.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by feadwell from MA on Tuesday, May 26, 2015
    Outstanding hiking boots. I have been a backpacker for many years,now I just hike. Having used several hiking and backpacking boots,I would say this are some of the best. Can't beat the price. Italians make the best leather boots. These boots are heavy,but not to heavy. Very supportive. Soft leather inside feel like heaven. The outside leather is thick and supportive. The Vibram soles have no flex and are great on small rocks. Since the soles have no give you will need a padded insert. Italian boots are made on a narrow last,so you may need to buy a wide. Buy these boots and your feet will be happy.
  • Reviewed by AZHiker from Flagstaff on Monday, May 18, 2015
    Good so far. I've walked about 5 miles in them to test the fit, and think they will work. I have a common problem with fitting, in that one foot is about 1/2 size larger than the other. My Asolo Sasslongs (which these are replacing) in an 11.5W are a perfect fit in the heels (no blisters, yay!), but on one foot have lost a few toenails on steep descents (ouch!) on rocky terrain. So after a few years of that, I bit the bullet and grabbed a pair of these Alico Summits in a 12M. I am detecting a bit of heel slip -- especially on the shorter foot -- but the smooth leather lining seems to minimize the friction that might cause hot spots. Should be okay, as long as the lining doesn't fail prematurely. I replaced the stock insoles with Orthoganic Hiking insoles (also from STP) which seems to help overall, and they were pretty affordable compared to some of the others. I used the stock insoles as a template and trimmed accordingly. Maybe I can tailor my sock selection for each individual foot to improve the fit too. Overall, the construction seems decent. I have noticed a few cases of where the top stitching has gotten too close to the edge of the leather while going around tight corners, and a couple of loose stitches here and there. Hopefully, will not become a problem, but thanks to STP's great return policy, I'm not too worried if it does. After only a few miles, I can tell that the break in period will be relatively brief. The full grain leather is supple and quite breathable. One concern that I have is the conflicting information that I have found with regard to conditioning / waterproofing this Anfibio leather which, if my reading is correct, comes from the tannery impregnated with silicone. If anybody has a DEFINITIVE answer to this question, I'd sure like to know what it is! That's it for now, thanks for reading!!
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