Question “What is the length of the shank, 3/4 or full”

Asked on 11/3/2014 7:34:25 PM by George the Goalie from New York
  • Answer Dear George, I am going to answer a full length shank, have done some serious long walks in hard country and there is still no give or twist in the
    footbed, only total support of which i am really impressed with, hope this helps with your decision,
    Kind Regards d3scameraman.
    Answered on 11/4/2014 3:21:25 AM by d3scameraman from Vistoria, Australia.
  • Answer According to their website, half shank.
    Answered on 11/4/2014 11:46:17 AM by Chance from Washington State (formerly Northern New England)
  • Answer sorry goalie, I have no idea! sounds like a question for the manufacture.They have a more than average rigidness, but I don't mind
    Answered on 11/5/2014 11:59:51 AM by Johnny the Hiker from So. Ore.