Nestled within the Italian Alps, the Dolomites are known for jagged peaks and deep crevasses that have challenged climbers for centuries. Alico boots are crafted by artisans who have perfected their craft in this awe-inspiring region. The rugged terrain has inspired an equally rugged line of boots designed for cross country skiing, telemarking and trekking. Alico boots are made from oil-tanned, water resistant leather with moisture-wicking linings and state-of-the-art comfort. So whether your outdoor sport takes you to nosebleed altitudes or below-timberline t ... Learn more about Alicorails, Italian-made Alico boots provide the stability, torsion control and traction your feet need to make it to trail's end. ... Less
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  • Reviewed by Dabbin Dave from CT on Wednesday, January 14, 2015
    I was thrilled to find this original Italian styled workhorse of a hiking boot on sierra trading post for a ridiculously low price. These boots are worth every bit of the full price and then some. I have a wide foot and the 11w was just a little too snug in the forefoot area of the right foot. I returned them and ordered the 11.5. Initially they felt somewhat large but after putting on medium weight hiking socks and sole response insoles they fit great. Don't be afraid of a little extra length the lacing and upper of this boot keeps your foot snug in place and the extra room really helps on downhill hiking. These boots are a bit stiff like all leather boots of this style and require a bit of break in period but are very comfy out of the box. The insole provided isn't the best but as many ppl serious about hiking and there feet putting in a good drop in insole or orthotic is the way to go. If you are serious about the trail and want a great boot at an unbelievable price I would jump on this deal.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by bobcat_pass from Montana on Wednesday, January 14, 2015

    These boots are sized correctly for someone with Roman/Italian type feet; meaning first three toe digits are almost equal length. With these shoes a size 10.5 seems to be correct...with Chinese/Northern European shoes I need a size 11 1/2-12. The northern European shoes appear to be made for a more triangular shaped foot.

    Break in relatively easily. This sounds corny, but I usually stretch shoes by wedging a toy rubber balls in the shoe; one small ball in the toe, two tennis ball sized wedged together across the ball of the foot area, one baseball to take up space where the arch of the foot would be, and then a softball where the ankle joint is...then lace the shoes up really tight and let them sit for a week or so...break them in by wearing them to shovel snow off the driveway and walk the dog in the winter; they seem to have good traction, as compared to other brands of shoes.

    The factory laces were replaced with 80" of #4 starter cord (used for rope starters on gasoline engines). I attempted to find some small nylon rope or such; this seems to work ok.

    I have some foot issues from a horse accident. The boots have a lightweight shank and leather construction, which supports my foot. These boots are constructed such that (if sized correctly) a persons foot is lashed to the sole and shank of the shoe. This also limits chance of spraining an ankle on uneven/rocky terrain.

    Also, the all leather shoes should be better in the summer. Like another reviewer commented the shoes with the waterproof liners are like wearing plastic bags around in the summer.

    Have had several comments about the obvious high quality construction of these shoes. Only negative comment is the soles sometimes leave black

    marks on linoleum floors.
  • Reviewed by Johnny Freeheeler from New England on Wednesday, January 7, 2015
    I recently ordered a second pair of these excellent boots - wanted to post a quick correction to something I posted in an earlier review. These are 1st quality boots, not 2nds. I ordered a few different sizes to get the size correct and they were all 1st quality boots with no problems.

    I have EEE wide feet and the Alico Summit in wide are some of the only shoes that fit me. The Summits can also be readily converted into telemark boots by re-soling with 75mm duckbill Vibram soles. Currently no XC boots in "wide" sizes are available anywhere on planet Earth, so these boots were absolutely critical for me to get out there skiing!

    Dave Page Cobbler in Seattle with do the conversion for a reasonable price. I hiked in my Summits for a summer to break them in, then sent them for telemark conversion, then I cross-country skied in them dozens of times. They still look very clean and have not broken down at all after 100+ miles of skiing! I expect them to last for many years. At STP's price this is one of the best values I've seen in footwear. Highly recommended!
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Joe from Philadelphia on Wednesday, January 7, 2015
    Love these boots. Have 2 pairs for myself and bought a pair for my teenage son. They are sturdy, well made and comfortable.My oldest pair are probably 8-10 years old. The second pair was bought just to have an extra. Break in was easy but don't expect to go on a long hike right out of the box.Now they fit like a glove. For both of us they seem true to size. I have read many reviews on STP and the one critique seems to be weight. The ankle protection these provide is well worth any weight difference from a lightweight boot. As many others have commented I have replaced the insole with an aftermarket insole. I would not dream of going into the woods with anything else on my feet.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Not Like Him from Washington on Wednesday, January 7, 2015
    The one star is directed at the person who returned these boots to STP without the insoles. That person left in place stinky, poorly trimmed and worn out insoles. Shame on you soulless person.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by uality from Midwest on Monday, January 5, 2015
    After searching for a pair of stiff soled,leather hiking boots for some time, I bought these. I've had softer soled boots, but wanted something for more rugged terrain. These are perfect, though will take some getting used to. Inspired by the movie Wild, I took a break-in hike this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. They fit a little fuller than other boots I've owned, but then, they were a half-size larger than what I normally wear. I thought I'd take the chance because that was the closest available to my regular fit. I'm not disappointed, so would advise to buy larger rather than smaller. That said, it's not a fit I would choose for daily wear, but great on the trail. Overall quality of material and workmanship is excellent.
  • Reviewed by Alaskaman from Alaska on Monday, January 5, 2015
    I salivated over these babies for months, and then after Christmas they dropped the price and had a killer coupon score! Like the other posters say the quality and workmanship is well second to none. They are the only leather double boots that I have seen so that is their main appeal here in Alaska removable liners are somtimes life savers. Alas I am 8.5 but there were none and boot size is very subjective by manufacturer. I have Sorels that are 8s and I have Koflachs that are 9 so I thought what the heck. On the Rossignol sight a 42 is a nine, on Fischer like wise; I have pair of Rossignol skate boots that are 43.
    Guess what I am trying to say is they may run a little big or again size is subjective. They were way to big and tore my feet up, yes my heals lifted and i got blistered the first time. The second ski I added some Super feet insoles now my arches hurt and they flexed in the wrong spot on my toes. I did a few turns and they performed beautifully. I do think the strap is useful if you tighten it for down hill. So look if you can get a pair that fits I would highly recomend these boots. I bought them to bridge the gap between the lighter NNN touring boots I used to have and plastic serious tele boots, I figured leather would be perfect. If they had 8.5 I would snatch them up. I do appreciate STP return policy it makes this whole process no big deal, buy with confidence.
  • Reviewed by Superfarmer from Santaquin, UT on Friday, January 2, 2015
    I work on a farm and wear boots everyday, all day, to work in. In 2009 I was fed up with spending tons of money on "work boots" from various retailers and online sellers only to have them fall apart after half a year. So, after extensive research, I bought a pair of these beasts. I initially reviewed them on this site in 2009. This pair lasted just under 4 years and took every thing I put them through. I wore through 2 soles on them before I finally had to retire them. In January of 2013 I bought another pair and after a year they are still in great shape and ready for more. I highly recommend these boots for people who need something rugged and durable. Listed below are a few of my observations after logging five years in these boots.

    -Plan on at least a month, and probably two, of wearing them everyday for break in. If you only wear them occasionally, then breaking in will take much longer. They are extremely stiff when first worn. I would only wear them for a half of a day at a time when I first got them because of this. DO NOT take these on a long hike or backpacking trip right out of the box or you will be miserable.

    -Though I use these boots primarily for work, I am an avid backpacker and have used these boots for outdoor activities as well. They perform well as a backpacking boot, they give tons of support and stability. However, they are kind of heavy. If you are not doing any serious mountaineering, or prefer less strenuous trips, then I would look for something else.

    -For maximum longevity, I treated these boots a couple of times a year, and tried to avoid excess water exposure. If I knew I would be out in the irrigation water checking sprinklers, I would change into my rubber boots. (Common sense, right?) However, if I were ever caught in the rain without other boots, the leather on these do okay at keeping water out.

    I hope this review helps. Again, I have loved these boots for what I use them for. Highly recommended.
  • Reviewed by The Hiking Pawn Man from Missouri on Tuesday, December 30, 2014
    I got my boots and they are amazing. The looks, workmanship and comfort were amazing. I have worn them indoors only to start the break-in and they are like a custom fit on my foot. They are not for a slim foot, for sure. I am a full 11D and they fit like a glove. The feel inside of the full leather inners is unbelievable. I will post an update after I get them broke in and use them on a 5-10 mile trail walk.

    These are a little on the heavy side, but not as bad I was thinking. I grew up with full leather boots though and to people used to half fabric, these will seem heavy. The great fit makes up for some of the weight. I have a pair of Oboz, Tevas and Merrills and none of them are as well made or pretty. Time will tell on the quality, but I feel these are lifetime boots. Grab them at any deal flyer price under $200 and you will have gotten a bargain in my opinion.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Frank Beta from Northern California on Tuesday, December 30, 2014
    I'd searched for months for traditional Norwegian Welt boots, looking mostly at Danners. When I finally came across these Alicos, the price was significantly better than anything Danner related, and the Danner reviews for a similar style were coming back with complaints about seams inside the boot rubbing hard on the Achilles. I figured with the Alicos that a small group of Italians probably knew what they were doing, so I tried them out.

    Most of my boots are size 12: Wolverine 1000 mile, Frye chukkas, Allen Edmonds Chronmok, Justin cowboy boots. I wear a size 13 Adidas sneaker (the only brand of sneakers I buy). I also have very narrow feet. I ordered the Alico size 12's, and they were just a bit too tight in the toe. The width was perfect. I took them to my local cobbler, a family friend, and he was very excited that I had found these boots. "Wow, I haven't seen boots like this since back in the day - these are very well made. Nice job!" He stretched them in length for about two days, and afterwards they fit just right. So, in the end I'm probably a 12.5 in Alico, but they don't make half sizes that large.

    They're good and stiff, but I've been wearing them about 4-5 hours a day, taking short walks to break them in. I've experienced zero discomfort or blistering. They're really good boots.
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