I want one for my bed too . . .

Reviewed by Julia from Western NC on Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Oh my word, this arrived and I wanted to curl up with my pups it was so cozy! We have one boxer and two small dogs so we purchased two - one for each kennel. The boxer proceeded to gnaw on his, as he does every bed we give him, but it has proven to be sturdier than I expected. After ripping one small hole in the middle and he's made friends with the fur and appreciates its warmth and padding. The two small ones, on the other hand, have always loved their new bed. They can often be found curled up inside their kennel with the door open just so they can snuggle on their fur bed. An upset stomach for one of our little ones over the holidays (too many people treats) left us needing to wash one of the rugs and it came out beautifully after a hand washing, air drying and blow-dryer fluffing. For the price I paid (much less than the kennel liners purchased in the past) I am very happy and so are my pampered pups!
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