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About Baseball & Softball

Baseball and softball clothing and equipment differ a little for each game. Baseball equipment has changed since the days of Babe Ruth, but the game is still very much the same. Baseball and softball equipment is different, and so are the fields. The mound in baseball is higher than the level of the field and farther away from home base than in softball. In softball, the pitcher’s plate is level with the rest of the field and closer to home base. Because the distance to home plate is shorter in softball, the balls used are larger and lighter, and other softball equipment is tailored to catch and hit the larger, softer balls. Softball began to grow in popularity as women took over baseball while men were overseas fighting World War II. Softball clothing is usually made for women and baseball clothing is usually made for men, but co-ed softball teams are popping up all over the U.S., so clothing isn’t always gender specific. Both sports are considered America’s pastime for their history.