Better than Komperdells

Reviewed by Matt from Jamesville, NY on Tuesday, April 2, 2013
I know a lot of reviewers don't like the 2 parts instead of 3, but hear me out.
I had Komperdell Ridgemasters for 5 months but the screw-tighteners started slipping out, so I traded them in for these a few weeks ago. I just wanted better tighteners, which the Flicklocks definitely are, but I found three other major benefits:
1) The rubber tips (bought separately from Black Diamond for $5) are much more well-designed and hold the ground better when wet. They're more like a boot tread vs. the seemingly useless concentric circles of a Komperdell.
2) They are sturdier. Two part design rather than three part gives a pole much more reminiscent of a strong wooden stick than the somewhat flexible three part poles. I love that about these.
3) The rubber handles are superior to cork. The cork is slipperier when your have wet or oily hands. These handles also flare out a bit at the bottom so that if your hands do slip, they have a little something more to rest on and don't require me to stick my thumbs on top of the handles quite as much.
4) The sub-handle foam grips are also really nice in case you need to grip a little lower on the pole.

I am 6'2", have Multiple Sclerosis and use these as my every day walking canes. I frequently lack the strength to stand, so these mean a bit more to me than if I were just using them on hikes. All five of the features listed above are really important. Making them smaller for backpacking isn't really that important to me. My old poles were about a foot smaller when telescoped, but the extra sturdiness is great.
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