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German ski sport and fashion icons Willy G. Bogner Jr. and wife Sonja Bogner have placed Bogner men's clothing at the summit of European style. Bogner's men's clothing line was first produced by Willy Bogner Sr. and his son, who inherited the Bogner commitment to quality, contemporary styling and luxurious attention to detail. Bogner men's clothing offers styles for golf, sport, casual occasions and winter weather. Bogner men's clothing is made of the finest textiles in the world and is designed to perform impeccably in its intended activity. It is the balance of fashion and function that tru ... Learn more about Bognerly defines men's clothing by Bogner, and it is a balance that the Bogner team continues to refine. Bogner men's clothing is instantly recognizable, with a truly unique style that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Bogner men's clothing is created for the confident man who isn't afraid to demand the best from himself and the brands he wears. ... Less