Comfy and simple

Reviewed by Carowack from Virginia on Sunday, December 22, 2013
It really is just basically a slip of parachute fabric.
Incredibly lightweight and easy to pack in the attached bag, even with suspension ropes and all.
It does not come with a suspension system, but it's so easy to make one for it.
Just buy a few feet of webbing for each side (I went with 5ft of climbing grade webbing on each end) and get a couple of sturdy cinch buckles or metal rings to adjust the length.
Dr. Hammock on YouTube shows you how to set it up really easily with a few simple knots and tricks.
The hammock was $7 through STP and the suspension system I made for myself cost $12, which is a sweet deal compared to ENO hammocks and hanging systems.
My only complaint with this hammock was the length.
This hammock feels too short.
I am very tall for a girl though, and I am thinking now I might've done better with a double-sized hammock.
Word of warning: this is not a good hammock to use if you intent to attempt cold weather hammocking.
It is not quite long enough to easily fit a sleeping pad in, which makes it difficult to insulate well.
I had to double up sleeping bags in 28 degree weather and was still half frozen in the morning.
Probably my own fault for camping in November in a hammock.
Oh well!
Can't wait to use this in the summertime!
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