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  • Reviewed by Blade collector from Ohio on Saturday, December 12, 2015
    Good size and weight for EDC, it is hard to open quickly with one hand due to the stiffness of the lockback design.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by D. from Southeast US on Sunday, May 25, 2014
    This purchase was an addition to two other higher end Spyderco knives owned (one from Seki City and the other from Boulder) and comes from China made under the supervision of Spyderco. The full stainless liners and above average quality blade steel and nice blade heft and design all contribute to the structural integrity of this Byrd Crow. However, the scale fit to the liners and finish of the scales is sub par and below expectations. Moreover, the function of the liner lock is problematic. I ordered two of these and both do not fully lock unless you manipulate significantly beyond normal opening procedure; if special care and effort is not taken to manually move the lock far enough into the center then the blade is NOT locked and will fold under the very slightest pressure ( dangerous ). That said, I still like these Crows as another good value from STP. So, if not returned to STP then these will either be sent to Spyderco for warranty "adjustment" or disassembled (by me) to remove a bit of blade steel at the lock contact area so that the lock can come fully to center without manipulation at each time of opening. It is somewhat tempting to do the final scale fit and finish as it should have been done by the maker; as to what is acceptable cosmetically for an EDC....that would be a matter of personal pride.These two Crows are the only Byrds I've ever seen and handled. They are not nearly on par overall with a Spyderco but do have "good bones" and good potential if corrections and improvements are performed. Consideration was given to rate them at three or even four stars based on value but it would be wrong to mislead given the liner lock issue and less than desirable finishing. To return or take these Byrds under my wing (ouch!) ?
  • Reviewed by D. from Southeastern USA on Friday, March 21, 2014
    Although I received my first knife about 50 years ago (Buck Pathfinder - still have it) I have not been nor am I now a knife aficionado. This UK Penknife has been available from STP for a while now but it has been difficult to justify the cost even at this steep discount. The first one arrived and I was impressed with the design, fit, and finish. It was returned for exchange due to a mark on one scale and wear under the clip on the other scale. The second one arrived and is without those flaws; the folks at STP made the exchange quick and painless. Make no mistake about it - this is one sweet piece of CPM-S30V steel and Titanium superbly crafted in "Golden, Colorado USA Earth". One-hand operation is smooth and easy; no additional lubrication or adjustment was needed. The weight and slight heft is not disproportional to its smaller size and it fits even my larger hand well. It feels good in the hand and the non-textured, matte finish Ti scales are adequate for non-slip gripping due to the overall shape and choil placement. I cannot recall ever having felt a sharper factory blade edge right out of the box. Although the non-locking feature may seem limiting or problematic for some uses/users it should serve well for most. As stated in the enclosed literature , the choil for the index finger is placed so as to provide resistance to closure. I believe the choil for the thumb adds to this just a bit. The knife becomes at home in one's hand upon intuitive realization of that which the designer intended and the literature just confirmed this. The informed, adaptable, sane user should find the ergonomics of this design to be non limiting while providing stable handling and good control for many uses. [For more demanding tasks you may prefer the additional safety afforded by a locking design or perhaps the Spyderco "Swick3" (or similar). Save up your dollars and buy this versatile, high quality folding jewel. You are likely to love it.
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