There's a reason why Chaco shoes have maintained a dedicated following of adventurous soles (proudly known as Chaconians) for the past 25 years. From their awesome, arch-supporting footbeds to their unique strap configuration, Chaco sandals fit like a glove and support your feet all day long. Originally created by Mark Paigen in 1989, Chaco sandals have since evolved from a single pair of “Ultimate Sport Sandals” into an entire array of adventure-ready footwear, including hiking shoes, sneakers, boots and clogs. Plus, to reduce waste and help ... Learn more about Chacoloyal Chaconians get more miles out of their favorite kicks, the Chaco footwear company has even introduced the ReChaco Project, allowing customers to send in their worn or damaged sandals to be repaired. ... Less
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  • Reviewed by Chaco lover from Naperville on Thursday, August 1, 2013
    The straps are too stiff and hurt the toes and feet when I walk. I love Chaco! But this one hurts.
  • Reviewed by Nc man from Nc on Thursday, August 1, 2013
    Great shoes if you love Chacos.
  • Reviewed by Ham from Arkansas on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    Great sandal that feels great and adjusts to your foot very very well. I love the colors and I really loved the priced compared to full retail!
  • Reviewed by joyce the shoe lover from alabama on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    shoes do run big. Ordered size 8 tooo big, sent back for a 7, the shoe itself isn't as comfortable as I thought they would be, the 7 was too small in the toe area and too loose on the heel, so of course had to send them back, now I have a fortune tied up in shipping cost "just to try on shoes", and still no shoes....
  • Reviewed by Chris from Colorado on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    The 3-star rating is reflective of the sizing issues at this point, not the actual product quality. I'm only a week into my pair (that actually fit right) and so far I am very happy.

    As I was shopping for a new pair of Chacos (my first), I struggled to find the right size. All my other shoes/boots/sandals are size 12-12.5 ("regular" width...not "wide") and online recommendations suggested I order a half size down if anything (suggesting Chacos run big). I first ordered a 12, medium width. (Medium width seems to be the "normal" width since STP and all the local stores mostly carried that version). It was too small, both in length and width. I then tried a 13, medium. Again, too small in width (length was OK, if anything a bit long). Width-wise, I mostly had issues with the part that rises up on the outside, just in front of the heel and directly above the Chaco was rubbing the side of my foot too much) I had to return both pair to STP and finally found a size 12, wide elsewhere that fit pretty well (though I still have to tighten down straps a bit more than preferable to avoid my heel rubbing).

    I don't consider myself having "wide" feet, since I've never had to buy a "wide" pair of footwear before. As noted to me by the local store employee, the "wide" versions also seem to run a bit longer, so although the 12-medium was too short for me, the 12-wide fits nicely. She also mentioned that Chaco no longer makes a "wide" version above size 12, which I find confusing. If anything, people with longer feet are also going to have wider feet.

    Perhaps my feet are an anomaly, but I would submit that Chaco's "medium" width is somewhere inbetween "normal" and "narrow" width for other footwear.
  • Reviewed by JnaMntna from Montana on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    Classic good quality for Chaco. Love these, super comfortable.
  • Reviewed by Mary the Canoe Lady from Minnesota on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    These are attractive and comfortable sandals. Unlike with most flip flops, I can wear these all day without fatigue. I'm a big fan of Chacos for quality and a bigger fan when I find them for a price like this.
  • Reviewed by Mary the Canoe Lady from Minnesota on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    I'm always happy to find a deal on Chacos. These were a pleasant surprise because the sole is not the clunker that my previous Chacos had. They have redesigned it to be lighter and had a softer padded portion against the foot. I can wear these all day in comfort.
  • Reviewed by Square-foot Mary from Boston area on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    I was able to wear these sandals all day as soon as I put them on. My foot is wide, and the place the strap inserts under the heels leaves a narrower space than would be ideal, but it turns out to be okay. The footbed also doesn't give as much support as I had hoped. No trouble adjusting the main strap, except that the loose end is now very long and drags on the ground. I am going to have to double it up and sew it, because I think it would unravel if I just cut it off.

    In spite of these complaints I like the sandals, especially when I got caught in a downpour.
  • Reviewed by Cascadian from Cascadia on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    As is typical of all Chaco sandals I've owned, the foot bed took about a week to break in. Once broken in these are a great and comfortable sock fee shoe for the work environment. Great support and fit.
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  • 5271-5280 of 11080 reviews