Hey you clothing designers out there, listen up

Reviewed by The clothing criticizer from New York on Thursday, March 28, 2013
I ordered a pair that were too small and had to reorder a larger pair. As of this writing I am waiting for the larger pair.
I think that the material is good for warmer or hot weather . The design is better than a lot of other women's pants and I think that this style should be continued though I ultimately have to find out what they are like by actually trying them. So I cannot give a rating based on knowledge of how good or bad these pants are.

I am hoping that the larger size that I want in exchange, fits properly, but I have been writing to clothing manufacturers ( the ones whom make clothing supposedly meant for active wear such as hiking pants) to tell them to stop making women's clothing that sacrifices function for fashion. I will take opportunity to express myself here and hope that a lot of clothing designers are listening. There is no need to make pants with short zippers like those on a majority of women's pants that I have seen. Why put a zipper on the pant in the first place? The zipper's purpose is to open the pant wide enough so you can slip into them without the pants scraping the sides of your legs and hips as you pull them up. With a short zipper that hardly lets you open the pants wider than they are when they are un-zipped, then it is just hard to get into the pants. And there have been times in which I have tried pants that would fit well and would allow freedom of movement if I could only pull them up past my knees which a very short zipper ( one that is only 4 or even 5 inches long) prevents me from doing. Certain styles or cuts or designs should not have short zippers. I would say none should have short zippers but any pant meant to be for a "hugging"fit should not have short zippers. Also, I think no pant should be made to be tight. When we are talking about pants meant for hiking or jogging or climbing or any athletic activity it is counterproductive to try to incorporate fashion when what is needed is practicality. Hiking pants should all have crotch gussets , they should never have a "low rise"meaning it is meant to sit below the navel ( again this is for fashion and does not serve a practical use). Pants should never be so skimpily designed so that when the person wearing them bends over or kneels, the back of the pants rides down and shows the person's underwear ( if s/he is wearing them).
Let's cut it out with those kinds of styles . Columbia ( and other such ""outdoor- clothing companies) should make clothes meant to live in. To breathe in, to move in, to be able to jump and climb and run while wearing .
I for one do not want to worry about the clothes I am wearing while I am supposed to be enjoying a walk on a rocky path or jogging along a road. Everyone's clothes should "work"" by just being comfortable and not needing lots of care or adjusting to put on and keep on.
I know that a lot of females have to buy men's hiking pants because they are better designed for activity, not fanciness.

Also in general:
Cargo pants should be better designed. The cargo pockets of most cargo pants are placed on the pant where the wearer's hands can scrape against the Velcro closures as the person swings his or her arms while walking. Also, the pocket flaps are bulky and stick out enough so as scrape against the wearer's hands while the wearer swings his or her arms while walking. This is a major "ergonomic" flaw with most cargo pants, and it is something that has been overlooked by most designers, and the first company to design cargo pants with the cargo pockets that do not scrape the wearer's hands, should get the distinction of being a clothing company that revolutionized clothing comfort.

All trekking or hiking pants should have comfort waists that don't need a belt. However the elastic should never be too tight or too loose.

So-called "articulated"" knees are not necessary .

Make pants roomy for freedom of movement, but not baggy.

There should not be "zip off" pants without a regular ( non zip-off) version also designed and sold.

I will come up with more suggestions
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