Tight thumb

Reviewed by Adirondack Ace from Northernmost NY State on Monday, April 8, 2013
I ordered these mitts in anticipation of next winter's hikes. It's already too warm now to really put them to the Cold Test.
I ordered XL even though I have somewhat skinny fingers so there'd be room for wool liner gloves, and maybe poly liner gloves beneath them.
But there may be a problem: When I put them on my bare hands, I feel some constriction at the base of both thumbs. It's cut or sewn just a little tight there. That could mean circulation problems-->cold--->numbness next winter.
Product description says closeouts rather than seconds, but STP has to rely on the Mfg's word to some extent.
I need to contact STP to ask about this and whether this is a quirk with this particular pair, or if they're pretty much all made this way.
At the same time, I also bought the gloves with the identical model name except for the last word being "gloves" rather than "mittens". The glove thumbs had no feeling of constriction.

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