CRKT Crawford Triumph Folding Pocket Knife - Veff Combo Edge, Liner Lock

Closeouts. A hefty and fast-cutting tactical folding knife, CRKT's Crawford Triumph folding pocket knife features a thick, Tanto AUS 8 stainless steel blade with a Veff combo edge that has wide, angled serrations that slice smoothly and effortlessly.

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  • Reviewed by thomasterrible from Seattle, Washington on Sunday, November 24, 2013
    I got two of these, One Triumph with a smooth blade the other as pictured with the serrations and tiger pattern blade.
    I like the one with what CRKT calls their Zeff serrations, there are only 4 but they are large and sharp pointed and would really add to the serious
    ripping ability of the blade.
    I really like the handle on this knife, it is quite large and the indents help to make for a very secure grip. The review that suggested the serrations were dangerous to the operator is very wrong IMO. While sure the points on them can easily pierce skin your hand is more unlikely to slip from the handle on this knife than the vast majority of others and a sharp blade is just as dangerous to get your flesh in the way of as a serration. Just use the knife correctly in either case.
    The angle of the top edge has a nice angle pointing down which I think adds power to the downward slicing motion of the knife.
    The tanto point is strong and I like the design. I have not needed to sharpen the serrations but they are large and not particularly difficult to sharpen if needed. The flat parts of the blade are a bit more difficult to sharpen due to the angels and avoiding the serrations. It depends upon ones sharpening skills and tool used to sharpen here.
    This knife has a assisted opening function. Once you get the blade started opening with the thumb stud there is a torsion bar inside that will take over and flip the knife open all the way. It is sort of a medium speed opening compared to the many other assisted opening knives I have owned. It does lock securely though and the AutoLawks feature is a button on the top right of the handle one needs to pull back to allow the liner lock to be pulled back to close the knife. This is a good safety to help keep the knife from closing accidentally. It will stay in the open position and be a sturdy knife to use until intentionally closed. It is a tough knife, a bit larger than many folders which I like as it adds to the heavy duty part of it and the fit in my hand is just great.
    The one slightly negative aspect of this knife is that when open there is a small amount of play between blade and handle. Some knives are rock solid with no play between blade and handle, this is not one of them. While unfortunate it does not have huge overall impact. This is the main reason this is not a 5 star knife.

    So if you want a larger assisted opening knife that looks good and will last a long time this is a good deal. I paid $50 and have been happy with these.

    I have some smaller straight bladed faster opening, sharper knifes that are great too, they don't feel as heavy duty and have a different purpose.
    Either type has their own uses. I choose to own both types. This CRKT does it's job quite well.
  • Reviewed by ApolloExx from wyoming on Wednesday, November 13, 2013
    The triumph series means business, with its one side bevel, tanto point, and the serrations that are more like hooks then serrations, this knife is intimidating, aggressive, and very attractive. Crawford designs made this knife out of quality parts and materials, each knife is handmade and is all around a balanced, high quality knife. the grip on this knife is also very unique, feeling more like fine sandpaper this knife has a pleasing texture and you wont loose your grip even if you tried. downside of the blade is the effort it takes to sharpen it, with serrations like this it may be a challenge to sharpen but I believe that can easily be worked around.
  • Reviewed by Jarhead John from Atlanta on Tuesday, September 10, 2013
    This knife of larger that thought it would and is well make with quality parts. However it is not designed well and is dangerous to operate. The serrated edge at the beginning of the blade is too close to the molded handle and can cause the operator to be cut. There are better designed knives out there.
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