Love the concept, but not the execution

Verified Buyer Reviewed by JustPlainWill from Raleigh, NC on Thursday, February 18, 2016
2 of the 4 bowls I ordered arrived with an obvious manufacturing defect in the latch mechanism of at least one leg assembly (the plastic "box" that enclosed the latch mechanism was visibly warped, perhaps because it had been assembled before the part was fully cooled or the item had been exposed to excessive heat during storage). On one of those two bowls, the latch mechanism housing popped off the first time I tried to open one the legs.

Upon closer examination (now that I could see inside the latch mechanism), I found two obvious design flaws:

(1) The plastic "ramp" that is supposed to guide the spring-loaded pop-up latch button between the open and closed positions has a tall, square corner that is just too aggressive--that's why the legs are so difficult to open and close, and why so many of them break. If the manufacturer had used a smooth ramp with no corners (or at least a lower, well-rounded corner), the mechanism would have worked a lot better.

(2) The spring for the pop-up latch button is far stronger than what this application needs. If the ramp had been designed right, this would have been survivable, but if a more appropriately-sized spring had been used, even the mis-designed ramp might have been workable.

A comment on the size: Despite the complaints about the dish's being too small, I found the size large dish to be larger than the metal dishes we currently use, and perfectly adequate for feeding/watering a medium-to-large dog (just not for a Great Dane or Newfie, etc.). After all, it is supposed to be a portable product.

I may try to live with the two bowls that weren't defective, and see if I can "break in" the leg latch mechanisms over time, but I'm still mulling that over. It's a risk, as the latch or a leg may break before the latch breaks in. That said, the removable bowls look well-made and are collapsible and I got these for half off, so I may keep them just for the bowls.

Bottom line: So close, and yet ultimately spoiled by two poor (and minor) design decisions.
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