Question “What is 2nds”

Asked on 11/28/2015 9:21:48 AM by Melvin from Alabama
  • Answer It means there is a flaw or flaws, usually just cosmetic.
    Answered on 11/28/2015 9:42:47 AM by Biged from Oregon
  • Answer I did not notice any faults. The best deal on jeans.
    Answered on 11/28/2015 10:28:16 AM by Katurner35 from Georgia
  • Answer Items with barely perceptible blemishes or slight irregularities. One pair of jeans I bought had one leg 2 inches longer than other. Another had a white line running down. Other 2 I can't find anything wrong with them
    Answered on 11/28/2015 4:08:15 PM by Boots from New Zealand
  • Answer Usually this means there is a flaw in the garment. Most times that we have ordered from Sierra Trading we cannot find the flaw.
    It could be in the weave of the fabric, a label is sewn on not quite straight enough... Recently we purchased 2 pair of these jeans and one pair actually had a hole the size of a quarter in the back of the lower right leg--- I called STP right away and there were very nice and helpful about replacing the item (we returned the damaged pair asap). The replacement pair was 'perfect'.
    Answered on 11/28/2015 7:20:30 PM by Casey from Bucks County from Bucks county, PA
  • Answer 2nds are products that have defects in either workmanship or materials. 2 pairs of the Dickies Carpenter jeans I purchased had small white lines in the denim which were faults from the weaving process.
    Answered on 11/29/2015 9:04:36 AM by Richard from Rochester, NY