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Earth boots are designed to create a foundation that mimics the natural motion of walking on soft surfaces like sand or dirt. Earth boots were inspired by Yoga devotee Anne Kalso, who recognized that most modern footwear is incompatible with the natural alignment of our bodies. With the help of a Portuguese shoe maker, Kalso designed Earth boots that mimic the contours of a sandy footprint. Earth boots create a platform that is compatible with natural alignment even when walking on modern, hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. By positioning the heel below the toe, a technology now referred ... Learn more about Earth to as Negative HeelĀ®, Earth boots promote better posture by aligning the body naturally - as it was meant to be. Earth boots combine contoured and cushioned footbeds, shock absorbing gel midsoles, and comfort-engineered outsoles, making Earth boots the natural choice. Feel for yourself the difference Earth boots can make. ... Less