Comfy, Casual Comfort

Reviewed by Sky from La Jolla, CA on Sunday, September 22, 2013
Impeccable Ecco quality. You know how, when you are plated something fantastic at a restaurant and you almost hate to bite into it? Well, some shoes give me that same feeling - I almost hate to see the scuffs appear on these Ecco Remotes some day. Inevitable, though, as I'm wearing them continuously, out of the box. Beautiful stitching and leather. Craftsmanship, looks, yes, but the lining and insides of an Ecco is perhaps the selling point; comfy though not too-soft cushioning, therefore I'm assuming it will last as all my other Ecco shoes have. (I'm still happy & proud to wear some that are verging on being 10 years old.)

Note, because of the sole, this shoe isn't something I'd wear off pavement (despite its name), and maybe will require being careful on wet surfaces as it's kinda slick. Even though it's called "Remote," I'd take that to mean you can wear it to remote, urbanized places and you'll be comfortable the whole time it takes to get there. A comfortable, casual shoe you can be proud to wear.
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