Evolution is the key to keeping your life interesting and progressing in your sport, which is why Evolv climbing shoes incorporate innovative designs that help you reach for the peak of performance. Evolv climbing shoes are the result of a world-class research and development team that prides itself in discovering what’s next instead of dwelling on what’s already been created. Evolv is a US-based climbing and outdoor footwear company that manufactures both performance casual footwear and high-friction technical rock shoes. Evolv rock c ... Learn more about Evolvlimbing shoes feature Trax®, a high-friction rubber that balances edging power and incredible sticking power on a variety of rock surfaces and artificial holds. ... Less

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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Colin from RI on Thursday, May 26, 2016
    I had no business buying yet another pair of shoes but couldn't pass up the great price!

    Performance- These climb amazingly well compared to my MadRock Demon shoes(a downturned performance shoe as well). They edge extremely well, and are the best heel hooking shoes I've worn. I feel very confident on small chips with these. The stiffness of the forefoot is perfect... and the love bump (think of an arch support, but for the ball of your foot) puts the toes in a flexed position BUT without being smashed into the front of the shoe. The toes sit below the ball of the foot.
    Fit- These run small, I wear an 11.5-12(45-46) in street shoes and a 12-12.5 in LaSportiva climbing shoes. These are very comfortable. The padding on the top of the foot below the velcro really helps the shoe conform to the contours of your foot with no pressure points. You can really dial in the fit with the 3 opposing straps. The rubber is definitely thick but I don't notice a lack of sensitivity/confidence because the sole is very stiff.

    The new iteration of these shoes came out a few months ago and there are subtle differences,I've tried of a size 12 of the new ones and they feel very much the same as the "old" model....again at the price STP is offering, there's no need to get the new ones.
  • Reviewed by Steven from Fort Collins on Thursday, May 19, 2016
    I wear a 9.5 -10 men's (maybe a bit closer to 10) in a street shoe/boot. I order 9.5. They fit snug but are getting more manageable after a couple of sessions. They perform well, and I believe they will continue stretch a little for more comfortable crack climbing, while retaining a somewhat performance fit. The close out price here is excellent
  • Reviewed by Sonny D from Utah on Wednesday, May 18, 2016
    Super comfy, I have a wider foot and most climbing shoes make my pinky toe bulge out the side. Not so with these shoes. I am an 8.5 generally, and initially bought that size but felt like my metatarsals were going to explode in a pink mist. I returned them for 9 and things fit much better.
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