Evolution is the key to keeping your life interesting and progressing in your sport, which is why Evolv climbing shoes incorporate innovative designs that help you reach for the peak of performance. Evolv climbing shoes are the result of a world-class research and development team that prides itself in discovering what’s next instead of dwelling on what’s already been created. Evolv is a US-based climbing and outdoor footwear company that manufactures both performance casual footwear and high-friction technical rock shoes. Evolv rock climbing shoes feature Trax®, a high-friction rubber that ba ... Learn more about Evolvlances edging power and incredible sticking power on a variety of rock surfaces and artificial holds. ... Less
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  • Reviewed by trad from ca on Friday, June 17, 2016
    Great trad shoe. Tight sizing though. I wear a size 9 street shoe. Had to get a size 9.5 Astroman. Toes still not flat.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Colin from RI on Thursday, May 26, 2016
    I had no business buying yet another pair of shoes but couldn't pass up the great price!

    Performance- These climb amazingly well compared to my MadRock Demon shoes(a downturned performance shoe as well). They edge extremely well, and are the best heel hooking shoes I've worn. I feel very confident on small chips with these. The stiffness of the forefoot is perfect... and the love bump (think of an arch support, but for the ball of your foot) puts the toes in a flexed position BUT without being smashed into the front of the shoe. The toes sit below the ball of the foot.
    Fit- These run small, I wear an 11.5-12(45-46) in street shoes and a 12-12.5 in LaSportiva climbing shoes. These are very comfortable. The padding on the top of the foot below the velcro really helps the shoe conform to the contours of your foot with no pressure points. You can really dial in the fit with the 3 opposing straps. The rubber is definitely thick but I don't notice a lack of sensitivity/confidence because the sole is very stiff.

    The new iteration of these shoes came out a few months ago and there are subtle differences,I've tried of a size 12 of the new ones and they feel very much the same as the "old" model....again at the price STP is offering, there's no need to get the new ones.
  • Reviewed by Steven from Fort Collins on Thursday, May 19, 2016
    I wear a 9.5 -10 men's (maybe a bit closer to 10) in a street shoe/boot. I order 9.5. They fit snug but are getting more manageable after a couple of sessions. They perform well, and I believe they will continue stretch a little for more comfortable crack climbing, while retaining a somewhat performance fit. The close out price here is excellent
  • Reviewed by Sonny D from Utah on Wednesday, May 18, 2016
    Super comfy, I have a wider foot and most climbing shoes make my pinky toe bulge out the side. Not so with these shoes. I am an 8.5 generally, and initially bought that size but felt like my metatarsals were going to explode in a pink mist. I returned them for 9 and things fit much better.
  • Reviewed by Mtn chick from Big sky on Sunday, May 15, 2016
    I normally consider myself to be a women's 7.5 street shoe size and I ordered the men's 7 and they were snug. After wearing and use they'd probably stretch out to a comfortable size. And the heel cup dug in really badly to my ankle. I returned them.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Chris the climber from Massachusetts on Wednesday, May 11, 2016
    The shoes look good but the sizing is a big problem. I bought this pair of Evolve Astroman for someone whose foot corresponds exactly to the measurements given on the Evolve size conversion chart. He is a 42 European; 8 UK; his foot measures 265mm, which corresponds exactly to a size Men's 9 US on the Evolve chart. So I had no reservation buying the Evolve Astroman in 9 US. It is true that these are climbing shoes and street sizes do not always match climbing shoe sizes. However Evolve Astroman in men's 9 US is actually shorter than my women's 8 shoe size. The shoe is much shorter than the 270 mm that it is said to be on the Evolve size chart. The Evolve size chart is inaccurate and people should not rely on it to buy Evolve shoes (despite the fact that Evolve is a specialist in climbing shoes and one would assume that the chart they use as a chart specifically for their shoes should display the measurements of their shoes!). As a result of this inaccuracy one has to buy several pairs of shoes until finally one of them matches one's size. I don't see how difficult it would be to give the exact shoe length. That would help people buy the right shoe (the tightness issue is a different issue depending on the kind of climbing you want to do). Very disappointed with this purchase (no time to reorder who knows how many pairs of shoes to find the one that is the right length, and pay for shipping every time as well)
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by TradMaster from New Mexico on Saturday, May 7, 2016
    I was intrigued by these high-top retro-style shoes and was in the market for a comfortable shoe that I might wear all day. As my street shoe size is 43 I felt safe in ordering a 42 1/2. After climbing in them a few times and taking them for walks around the block to break them in I think it's going to be a long time (if ever) before they will be all-day comfortable. I would suggest prospective buyers buy their street shoe size in this product as I think it runs small. The workmanship is very high quality. The tongue is made of two soft flaps that meet in the middle like curtain and overlap when you pull the laces tight. Seems like a good design and is comfortable. The shoe is lined with a smooth leather-like material that feels very comfortable. The shape is traditional (no down-pointing toe as in some high-performance rock shoes) and seems to fit a natural-shaped foot. The sole is definitely stiff in the toe-to-heel direction and is extremely stiff in the direction across the ball of the foot. This probably adds to their edging performance. Beneath the instep there seems to be a shank of steel that is absolutely unbendable. This shank does not extend into the ball of the foot region. Nevertheless, I feel a kind of springiness when I climb in these shoes. If you are used to a soft shoe, like the Sportiva Mythos or the Evolv Defy, these shoes will definitely take some getting used to or rather you may have to train a new set of climbing skills. They transmit much less feeling from the foothold to your foot. Nonetheless these shoes feel exceptionally sticky. You put them on a hold and they stay there, even if you might not feel them staying there. I have used them mostly for face climbing so far and sent a 5.12 I haven't climbed in 20 years! Coincidence?...I don't know. I can't comment on their performance in cracks though I would anticipate that given their high top and stiffness they would be comfortable and well performing especially in wider cracks that can be so painful on the feet. I am anticipating that in about a year these might have softened and stretched enough that they'll be among my favorite shoes.
  • Reviewed by Mitko82 from Colorado on Monday, April 18, 2016
    Used primarily for gym climbing over the last 4 weeks and one trip out. Great traction, great fit and excellent comfort level! This is an advanced shoe so expect it to feel 1-2 sizes too small if you buy your street size. That being said I'm 9.5/10 street size and 10 is sufficiently aggressive and quite comfortable after a few weeks of climbing (expect 1/2 size stretch). If I really wanted to push the envelope 9.5 would work after breaking in. I have slightly wider than normal feet and find the toebox roomy enough.

    The fit reminds me of the Jet 7s from 5-10 for the handful of folks that have worn that shoe (though the Evolvs stretched less).

    The Shamans have thicker rubber plate on the bottom and I love the edging (and extrapolated increased durability) that this affords. Not much loss of feel for me.

    Love them - got another pair at the current price level for when this one wears out.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Zack Johnston from Chicago on Friday, April 15, 2016
    Got these shoes about 3 weeks ago now. Cannot be more pleased with them. Edging is great, pockets are great, cracks don't even punish you too much for having velcro. I've used them at my local gym and outdoor recently at the Red. Was so pleased with both. I know everyone says buy your street shoe size, but PLEASE try these on before you buy them; they stretch a tiny bit. Not the full size that say, Miuras, stretch, but perhaps a half size. I ended up buying a 10.5 and i wear an 11 street shoe. They were originally like stuffing my foot into my girlfriends shoes until about week 2 of nearly daily use. By then they became wonderfully comfortable, aggressive, tight fitting, climbing clouds strapped to my feet. Genuinely haven't worn a climbing shoe of this aggressive caliber that is anywhere near this comfortable. I don't wear them around the gym only because i would like to retain that downturn, but i easily could. Great shoe and cheap now that it's discontinued. Get a pair. Please.
  • Reviewed by ClimbThroughIt from California on Saturday, February 6, 2016
    These shoes will come extremely small, but they will stretch to the size you purchased. I held my 10s up to my feet when i first bought them and they were way too small... But after wearing them around the house and at the rock gym and making it through the pain, they finally stretched to the perfect fit. Wear them for a good 4 or 5 climbs before you return them, theyre great shoes when you break them in.
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