Exceptional Leather Boot

Reviewed by Quality Driven from Bellingham, WA on Saturday, March 2, 2013
Not extreamly padded, but comfy with proper socks. Super quality leather and well made. Boot will last and should get even better with time. Could go 1/2 size up and some people should and some shouldn't. I have a slim leg and foot- I bought my size and it just fits with a not thick sock. A thick sock for more cushion or warmth- or if you have a foot that's a liitle wide you may want to 1/2 size it up. I found that the leather is so good that it should stretch out just a tad to really give me a nice fit. I would not want to go up and although my foot is slim its not overly slim!

I recommend boot with casual jeans like levi's, western wear, ect. They are lovely and rustic. I can't wear them with some of my modern, high end dressy jeans. These should last a long time and are very classic not trendy so you will never go out of style with these and this makes them worth the money! Get some boot butter to seal and soften them up even more and you'll be blessed. The socks I am wearing with them are lightweight slim wool- not ultrathin but not bulky at all.
Also- liked the way it was laced when shipped to me- very cool BUT I will probibly relace it the old fashioned way because I think it will be easier to adjust this way- the laces are leathery not material.
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