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  • A technology that embeds microscopic light-reflective beads in fabric, making the wearer visible by reflected light from an external source, such as headlights. Unlike reflective patches or stripes, IllumiNite® lights up the whole garment, so motorists can see at a glance the entire outline of the wearer. Shirts and jackets sporting IllumiNite® technology are designed for runners, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts who don’t stop when the sun goes down.
  • Injection molding is a process whereby ethylene vinyl acetate form is poured into molds, where it then expands to create shoe components that attach the outsole to the shoe. Once the injection molding process is complete, the outsole adheres to the shoe and is flexible, waterproof, and long wearing. This process makes the mass production of shoes possible.
  • A decorative inset laid into a piece of wood. Inlays add decorative contrast to a surface through the use of a contrast wood grain, metal, ivory, tortoise shell, or some other substance that is flush with the surface. Inlay artwork is one of the oldest woodworking skills, originally practiced in Egypt.
  • Created to provide additional protection from biting bugs, Insect Blocker® fabric delivers long-lasting, concealed protection from mosquitos, ticks, flies, chiggers, midges, no-see-ums and ants. Odorless and invisible Insect Blocker® fabric remains effective through 70 launderings and will reduce your reliance on topical repellents in buggy country.
  • The footbed of a shoe or boot. Shoe manufacturers design insoles to provide padding, arch support, and moisture control in all types of shoes. Thin-soled shoes made from canvas or other flimsy materials can benefit from the insertion of an insole to help support and cushion the foot. Many people with chronic foot problems swap out the shoe’s original insole with a custom-designed orthotic.
  • Polyester fleece used as an insulating and moisture-wicking material.
  • From the Italian term “intarsiare,” which means “inlay,” intarsia is a decorative, colorful design knitted into solid-colored fabric. Intarsia knitting creates the visual illusion of multiple colors being inlaid together when, in fact, they are all separate pieces.
  • Fabrics treated with Intera® are known for their moisture-wicking properties and resistance to odor, bacteria and mildew. By spreading out moisture across the fabric’s surface, Intera® Moisture Transport technology keeps your body temperature cooler in warm temperatures and warmer when it’s cold out.
  • An interlock knit is recognized by an identical texture on both sides of the fabric. Known for its excellent recovery properties and soft hand, interlock knit is also incredibly smooth and durable.
  • An item that is interwoven is created by weaving together two different materials. You’ll often find this term used in describing rugs.
  • In contrast to a traditional pleat, an inverted pleat has its fold on the inside. Inverted pleats can appear singular or double, and are most commonly seen on women’s clothing; specifically, dresses, suit jackets and better casual shirts.
  • Seen most often in backpacks, iron fiber is a tough, water-resistant nylon made in 600 or 1000 denier weights. Heavier-weight iron fiber is used in high-abrasion areas, and its lightweight form can be found on less heavy-duty packs.
  • Items listed as Irregular, 2nds or Cosmetic Blems arrive with minor cosmetic blemishes or slight irregularities that do not affect the fit, performance or longevity. 2nds, Irregular and Cosmetic Blems items will usually have their labels clipped or marked by the manufacturer.
  • A feature of Kelty backpacks, an ISOpad belt is made with slow memory foam (for longer support) that’s laminated to high-tech plastic foam. Together, the two foams even out pressure and enhance support when you’re carrying a heavy pack.
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable Tactel® ispira® fabric has a frosted finish and soft, silky hand. In addition to its wrinkle resistance and exceptional recovery properties, Tactel® ispira® fabric also is lightweight, abrasion resistant and quick drying.
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