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  • The second number in the binocular’s rating. Objective diameter is essentially a measurement of how much light can be gathered by the objective lens. A greater objective diameter will typically produce a brighter, sharper image compared to a smaller objective diameter. In other words, 10x42 binoculars are more likely to produce a brighter image than 10x26 binoculars. However, other factors also come into play, including lens and prism quality.
  • Oilcloth is a fabric that has been treated on one side with drying oil or synthetic resin for enhanced water repellency. Modern updates to traditional oilcloth apply the term to vinyl bonded to a flannel cloth.
  • A lightweight, synthetic fabric with a wool-like feel. Olefin is created when polymers are melted into a liquid and then run through a machine called a spinneret, which forces the long fiber through small holes. Fibers are then woven into fabric. Olefin is quick-drying, colorfast and resistant to deterioration. Relatively easy to care for, olefin is used in everything from activewear to carpeting. Polypropylene is a common form of olefin found in apparel.
  • Columbia’s most breathable waterproof technology. Omni-Dry® is designed to keep the wearer dry in any weather during highly aerobic activity. An extremely air-permeable waterproof fabric, Omni-Dry® rapidly transfers moisture vapor to the outside of the garment as it sheds rain and snow on the exterior surface. Thanks to a unique membrane that continually circulates air, Omni-Dry® never feels clammy or damp.
  • Developed to help keep outdoor athletes more comfortable during rigorous activities, advanced cooling Omni-Freeze® fabric technology utilizes special flat-shaped yarns that increase heat dispersion. This causes Omni-Freeze® fabric to feel cooler to the touch, making it excellent for running, hiking and everyday wear.
  • Leading the industry in cooling fabrics, Omni-Freeze® ZERO technology incorporates special micro-rings into the fabric that react with sweat to actually cool the garment and reduce the overall temperature of the material. Omni-Freeze® ZERO fabric also boosts moisture wicking performance to keep you dry and cool during high-intensity activities.
  • A type of outsole technology designed by Columbia Sportswear. Omni-Grip® outsoles provide superior traction for trail running, hiking, winter activities and water sports. Specific designs vary for each specific activity to provide dependable grip and superior stability over varying types of terrain.
  • Omni-Heat® is a one-of-a-kind thermal reflective technology developed by Columbia Sportswear that greatly increases the heat-retaining capabilities of outerwear and footwear, without retaining moisture or causing overheating. For the ultimate comfort in cold conditions, Omni-Heat® thermal reflective technology is perfectly suited for harsh winter weather.
  • Developed by Columbia Sportswear, Omni-Shade® is a sun-protection apparel technology designed to help prevent harmful UVA and UVB rays from passing through a garment and reaching your skin. By combining a tight fabric weave with UV reflection technology, Omni-Shade® clothing can help keep you protected from sun damage as you enjoy the outdoors.
  • Columbia Sportswear's Omni-Tech® waterproofing system includes an Omni-Shield® water-resistant exterior layer, a microporous water-blocking membrane and a moisture-wicking interior surface. Omni-Tech® waterproof breathable fabric is found in many of Columbia’s high-quality jackets and outerwear.
  • Considered to be Columbia Sportswear’s ultimate waterproof, breathable technology, Omni-Tech® Ceramic Coating is designed for backcountry skiers, mountaineers and backpackers who frequently encounter extreme conditions.
  • Omni-Wick® is an advanced, moisture-wicking technology developed for active apparel by Columbia Sportswear. Designed to keep you cool and dry in hot climates and warm in cold climates, Omni-Wick® apparel manages moisture and dries extremely fast, which makes Omni-Wick® clothing ideal for running, hiking, skiing and other vigorous physical activities.
  • Breathable, windproof Omni-Wind® Block membrane technology supplies outstanding protection from wind chill without locking in perspiration, which makes Omni-Wind® Block outerwear ideal for high-endurance outdoor athletes.
  • Also known as an in-seam pocket, an on-seam pocket is a discrete pocket located on the side seam of a garment. On-seam pockets are used frequently on fashion apparel for a clean, formal appearance.
  • A type of collar construction used on many modern shirts for men. The one-piece roll collar attaches directly to the neckline of a shirt, creating a natural curve around the neckline for a softer look. A one-piece roll collar distinguishes itself from the more common two-piece collar, constructed with a neckband that folds at the seam for a more tailored look.
  • Opanka is a hand-sewn method of constructing shoes. Opanka construction involves attaching the upper, sole and sock lining together using heavy threads. Used frequently in purpose-built boots, moccasins and sandals, Opanka construction is highly durable and extremely flexible.
  • Cotton grown in soil that is certified free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides for a minimum of three years. Organic cotton is more expensive to produce because of the smaller yields at harvest time, but is considered less damaging to the environment. Clothing made from organic cotton is just as soft and absorbent as traditionally grown cotton.
  • Used in the insoles of boots and shoes. OrthoLite® is made from open-cell foam with spring-back technology. Not only does OrthoLite® allow air to circulate around the foot, it is also lightweight, breathable, anti-microbial and engineered to retain 95% of its thickness over time. OrthoLite® is used in athletic and casual shoes, hiking footwear and custom orthotics.
  • OutDry® is a waterproof breathable technology used in outdoor apparel and footwear, and is an alternative to traditional, seam-sealed construction techniques. Through a patented lamination process, an OutDry® waterproof breathable membrane is bonded directly to the interior shell of the shoe or garment. By eliminating the need for sealed seams, OutDry® is able to provide enhanced performance and comfort.
  • A “phase change” material used in clothing and insulation to absorb, retain and release heat when needed. Originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts, OutLast® interacts with the body’s temperature to balance the skin’s microclimate by absorbing, storing and releasing heat generated by the body. When the body’s temperature drops, OutLast® proactively manages heat while controlling the production of moisture before perspiration is generated.
  • A plaid pattern superimposed over another plaid or texture. Fabrics with an overplaid design are seen on men’s shirts and jackets where there is a predominant outline of color woven “over” another pattern. Overplaids can be found in checks, windowpane weaves and other plaids.
  • A type of foot pronation that results in excessive inward roll. Overpronation occurs during the gait cycle (walking or running) and can be more prevalent in people with flat arches. People who overpronate or experience overpronation should choose running shoes with stability or motion-control features. Custom orthotics insoles can also help.
  • A surplus quantity of items that exceeded the vendor’s ability to sell them during the season for which they were intended. Overstocks are purchased by companies like Sierra Trading Post to help vendors clear out excess inventory. Original retail prices on overstocks are drastically reduced for sale, and quality is always first-rate.
  • A sturdy basket-woven cloth named for Oxford University, where shirts of this fabric were originally popularized. Oxford can also mean a type of shoe that laces over the instep. Oxford shoes ride low on the foot and feature two or more sets of eyelets for laces.
  • A fabric frequently used in formal and casual dress shirts, Oxford cloth is woven fabric with a basket-weave structure and lustrous finish. Although it is has a soft hand, Oxford cloth is a heavier fabric, which makes it very durable.
  • Oxford Shoes are men's dress shoes that lace or tie over the instep, with the eyelet tabs sewn underneath the vamp. Oxford shoes are traditionally crafted without elaborate decoration and are almost always made of either leather or suede. Oxford shoes are most commonly worn for business attire and formal occasions.
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