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  • Individual strands of yarn are dyed before being woven or knit into fabric. Characteristic of articles produced (often hand produced) in Latin America and madras fabric, which originated in India. Yarn-dyed fabric often has an interesting, unique feel because of uneven thread diameter and is considered higher quality because it resists fading.
  • A yoke is typically a section of material on a garment that drapes over the shoulders and around the neck. Yokes are frequently used in the construction of button-up shirts but may also be found on jackets and sweaters. Yokes may be very simple or decorative, such as a western yoke. Most shirt yokes are either crafted of a single piece of material (one-piece yoke) or two pieces (two-piece yoke, also called a split-yoke).
  • A special type of thwart used to solo portage a canoe. When a canoe is inverted (upside-down), the curved portion of the yoke is designed to rest on the upper shoulders, allowing the canoe to be carried overhead. A traditional canoe yoke is made of wood.