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  • Running shoes that have no offset between the heel and toe are sometimes called zero drop shoes. In other words, zero drop shoes don’t have any additional cushioning in the heel compared to the forefoot. This essentially allows the bottom of the foot to sit parallel to the ground. In general, most zero drop running shoes have less cushioning compared to more traditional running shoes.
  • Zylex® is a winter footwear removable 3-layer insulation system used in Kamik boots. The inner layer of Zylex® is moisture-wicking polypropylene to keep feet dry, the center layer is blended felt to retain warmth, and the outer layer is reflective foil to reflect cold outward and warmth back to your foot.
  • A type of durable, water-resistant, heat-resistant thermoplastic polyamide material. Several varieties of Zytel® are manufactured by the DuPont company, including Zytel® HTN (high performance polyamide) and Zytel® PLUS.