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About Golf Bags

Whether it rides in the back of the cart for the entire 18 holes, or is hauled around by you on foot, your golf bag is more important on the course than your briefcase is to you in the boardroom. Golf bags are made specifically for the mode of transportation you prefer to use on the course. Stand bags and golf carry bags are great for the golfer who likes to walk the course. Most stand bags work by simply tilting the bag with one hand until the tripod-like stand deploys. Stand bags reduce the time you spend placing your bag to get ready for your swing. Golf carry bags offer comfortable shoulder straps that adjust to your frame. Most golf carry bags will have straps made of mesh or breathable materials to keep you cool. Many golf bags combine all three features for stand, carry and cart options so you don’t always have to walk or ride in a cart. Golf bags by Nike keep your equipment organized and keep you comfortable on the course.