Requires care - construction issues?

Reviewed by AboveFL600 from CA on Saturday, July 5, 2014
I've had this blazer for a couple of years now. (Mine came with the metal buttons - nice and not as gaudy as traditional bright brass.) It looked great when new, but the fabric readily shows scuffs due to the smooth finish. In most cases, an electric razor trims the resulting fine "fur" very well. However, for this reason and susceptibility to wrinkling, I do not recommend the fabric for travel, etc, unless you plan to hang the jacket. (A travel steamer works wonders on this fabric, though, so I wouldn't say that it's a completely impractical travel coat.)

I also had an issue with the jacket lining being sewn in such that it pulled the bottom edge of the jacket up - looked terrible. This may have been partially due to high temp pressing that caused the lining to contract, thereby pulling the coat fabric top/bottom together. However, my trusted tailor believes the problem was due to the original construction and solved the problem by simply "letting-out" the lining and repressing the crease at the bottom of the lining panel. I've had the same problem with other HF garments bought from STP in this same manufacturer's line of products, but I've never seen it with HF garments bought off the rack at Nordstrum, etc. (As a rule, I always ask for LOW-temp press-ONLY service with all of my suits/jackets unless there's clearly a NEED for dry cleaning.)
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