I'd buy it again, ....and again!

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Boris' Mom from San Leandro, CA on Thursday, December 20, 2012
I use this are a top layer and a base layer depending on whether I am up for the day or not. It's EVERYTHING: ala the layer that you ZIP INTO at the beginning of the season and then weather the season in it until Spring thaw. That's a joke. This is California- the San Francisco Bay Area. In general, 65 in the house(day), 63(night) and 50's outside is typical, though it's been 30's at night for few weeks, for a few winters.

I'm on the thin and somewhat muscular side, so I get cold easily. 5' 3 1/2" 115 #s//.

Wool somehow is antimicrobial. Love that! I'm not THAT much of a funky sweaty person, but I got sick recently, and I really appreciated after being in bed the entire weekend; I had gotten dressed Friday morning, that by Monday afternoon when I was ready to somewhat function again, that, smell-wise, it was as if I'd just taken a couple hour nap! Works the same with wool socks, this brand, the Smart (wool) brand, all others are great, I'd imagine.
I am VERY SENSITIVE TO SCENT, my own and others, like from dyes and things people wear....I have given items away/returned, when I couldn't launder out dryer sheet or old laundry detergent/body spray after 6 and 7 launderings. Other people could smell nothing.

These are PRETTY DARN GOOD for being problem-free.

I personally find the SEAMS and MATERIAL SCRATCHY and the SEAMS on the BULKY SIDE. I wear them inside out,so that seam problem is minimal when upright/on the go, the weave is softer that way also, more like a knit sensation. The seams are thin enough (to me) that I have cut off circulation in my arm by lying on them in the wrong position [remember I am thinner]

GREAT stuff in general.

Love the thickness, though it I had my druthers, I'd want thicker still. Remember, I wear as a top (layer).
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