Icebreaker clothing is crafted using merino wool grown in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, where weather can be extreme. Unlike synthetic fabrics, Icebreaker merino wool is grown and field-tested in the mountains, rather than created in a lab. Engineered to perform in a variety of outdoor activities, Icebreaker clothing naturally regulates temperature, breathes to prevent clamminess, resists odor for weeks, and protects skin from the sun. Superfine merino wool is also much softer than traditional wool, so you’re never itchy or uncomfortable. ... Learn more about IcebreakerIcebreaker Bodyfit base layers come in a range of weights and thicknesses for unbeatable temperature regulation, and Icebreaker socks naturally resist odors. Try Icebreaker today and test the benefits of all-natural merino wool for yourself; you won’t be disappointed. ... Less
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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Chris "mojo" Purro from Rhode Island on Saturday, July 4, 2015
    I purchased this item as a spur of the moment type of thing. It was already getting warmer out, and thoughts of biting insects worried me more out on the trail than the posibility i may... someday soon... need yet another wool baselayer. So why exactly did i purchase a winter item at the start of summer? For one thing, this item was on sale here at Sierra Trading Post. sierra has never steered me wrong yet. And given how bad last winter had been, i decided to go ahead and look thru some of the best wool items out there; Icebreaker. I have tried every other wool brand for badelayer protection (Smartwool, Minus 33, Darn Tough etc... Etc...). And from t-shirt, underwear... Right down to my socks.. Merino wool fits the bill. Always! The only problem is that Quality Merino wool is rediculously expensive! Having purchased the other items as needed via sales etc..l i discovered how there happened to be a hole in my Merino layers (pun intended). Yes... I had the t-shirts... Yes i had the mext layer after that... And the jacket to wear OVER that! But i didn't have this layer. A layer, thanks to Icebreaker, which is form fitting enough to wear over a long sleeve t-shirt... But not so bulky that i coukd not wear another over that... And maybe a coat over that (even)! This fit the bill exactly. The product details claim it is approximately 200 G... But in reality... It is 200+ another level sewed into this which makes it approximately 360G thick! The heaviest layer of Merino Wool available. Yet... It is not bulky. Doesnt bunch up at the arms... Is form fitting, non-relaxed sizing (tight enough to wear beneath an outer jacket layer, or thinner rain coat layer (for cool mornings on the trail). This "jacket" also mentioned hiw it had handwarmer pockets, but these didn't zip up. However, i was glad to discover this to be false! There happens to be two handwarmer pockets, which have VERY NICE zippers. And another cery nice zipper upon the front of this layer as well. As for the camoflauge... It is extra quiet, good for hunters and fishermen, as well as wildlife photographers too. The sleeves of this item are rather long, and can be rolled up if one feels the need to do so. The lenth at the front of this garment is as usual, meaning one can get inside their pockets with just miner manipulation. However, the back of this item is very long... Now this could be a good thing if ones behind happens to be in the habbit of getting cold out there... However, i find this longer length in the rear to be annoying. I don't wish to sit on my "jacket"... Nor do i like it when it happens to run underneath the over-coat... or top layer (either)! As for the camoflauge... It is as listed.... Approximating the woods in fall, just after the foilage has peaked (it is say... darker than Advantage camoflauge, but not SO dark as to be noticible if one is standing amongst similar foliage; i have seen poorer examples of this camo which looked horrible but this is a good company). If one is out taking photographes of the wildlife, this camoflauge would be ideal, for example, in the Northeast, from the third week in October thru the entire winter sans snow.... And then useful once again from March... again sans snow... until late May (when greenest foilge takes over; however, this still works when one stands still beside a set of trees as the leafy pattern cannot be distinguished by the color blind animals out there! The last thing i might mention about this item which is both a plus and a minus..l is the fact that it has a waffle type pattern to the chest which works its way around the back etc... This hepls to compartment-off areas which need the extra air locked in for warmth. But this oftentimes makes this item look a bit odd at times (such as when in town for example). As for the fit... Once more... This is a more "form-fitting" type of item more appropriate to those whom enjoy the look of an item such as these (fashion-wise), instaed of persons whom might use the thing for the intended purpose (hunting, photography, fishing, hiking etc...). I wouldn't hesitate a second before making this purchase again. Nor would i hesitate before recommending this item to friends. I would only recommend that they wait for it to go on sale. Or to purchase it here at Sierra Trading Post though! Icebreaker makes great quality items, designed to last decades. So read all reviews, look over each items specifics, and choose wisely!

    I hope this awnsers most questions people might ask prior to purchase. Ao get out there now and enjoy the woods!
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Amber from St Louis, MO on Saturday, July 4, 2015
    This skirt is shorter than I expected, especially since I am under 5 feet tall. The wide waistband is very comfortable but has a tendency to roll on itself. I will sew it down before wearing it again. The waistband became quite twisted in the wash. Great for casual wear and very cool even though it is wool. Runs true to size expect being shorter than expected.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by J the Biker from Singapore on Saturday, July 4, 2015
    I have not been able to try it in the cold but initial impressions tells me this one is going to be very comfortable and non-restrictive.
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