Reviewed by Nataleo from Portugal on Saturday, January 25, 2014
Hello !
I am Natalia Dobavkina from Lisbon .
I wait 2 packages . I didn't receive it yet :
1 package - 03/01/2014 in Porto Portugal ,
2 package - 15/01/2014 in Porto Portugal , today in Lisbon with not correct facture .
UPS Portugal is not honest service . I have communication from 08/01/2014 and asked to send me e-mail with correct documents for pay the tax . It is without results . I lost my time : I had 2 consultation in airport and another . On the Monday I go to Tax Finances organisation . It is corruption . Today I have problem. 30.01.2014 is my birthday . I will 53 years old . I never on my life pay corruption .
Second package is in Porto yet (I paid 31.12.2013 ) . UPS Portugal didn't send me document for payment .
I want to pay tax correct and receive my things .
After I will writer the feedback .
Thank you for your attention .
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