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  • Reviewed by toobigtofail from Wyoming on Wednesday, March 22, 2017
    saw a couple reviews about the sandal running small. I chose to go with my normal size 10 and am satisfied. Length wise, it is slightly shorter (probably close to a full size) but i think a closer fit works for sandals and especially these. The arch is the correct length and the ball of my foot fits perfectly. My toes reach the very edge of sandal, which I like personally (this is probably what previous complaints were about).

    The material on the sides and around the big toe is much softer and more flexible that it looks and is lined with a sort of microfiber or synthetic suede stuff. I don't foresee blisters at all. The sole is kind of interesting; the item description calls it water ready and usually that seems to mean a softer, more grippy rubber. But, this outsole is seems to be quite tough and is textured with what almost looks like some sort of fiber like a rubber-fiber matrix. Not sure you'd be able to tell from the images. Sorry if that's confusing; it is nice and doesnt feel cheap. Haven't put any miles on them but they look like theyll last.

    These are light and offer a very unique form of support for a sandal. I've never bough keen products before so i can't compare them to their boots or anything (see also the sizing; i can only compare to my normal size 10). Think chacos but lighter, with better support around the heel, an awesome support panel by the ball of the foot, and of course a less rigid, thinner sole. The detailing is nice. The velcro is thin but is only there for adjustment. It uses a buckle for on/off. By the way this is a single strap that wraps around the whole sandal.

    If youre looking for a light, comfortable, flexible sandal and like the way that this one looks, you won't be disappointed. Again on size, I'd personally recommend going with your normal size if youre ok with your toes reaching the edge. If the other reviews still scare you, Id go up a half size at most because i think the fit from the heel to the ball is more important than the length of the sandal.
  • Reviewed by Ron from Maryland on Wednesday, March 22, 2017
    Fantastic sturdy pack for carrying electronics securely. Large enough to carry thermos, gloves, and other incidentals. Accessory pockets are very useful for keys and wallet, Etc.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by MamaBelle from Washington on Monday, March 20, 2017
    I was so happy to get these keens for such a great price, $20 when I paid $50 at a store last year. What a huge savings! I was thinking I had a new favorite place to shop. Then I was told that you advertise on Brietbart, Is this true? If so, this will be my last transaction until that ends
    I hope to hear that you aren't contributing to the spread of racism and misogyny.
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