Great sleeping bag for the $$

Reviewed by Bugsy from Washington on Thursday, February 13, 2014
Warmth: I have not yet taken my sleeping bag on the trail yet, however, I tested it at home when the outdoor temperatures where in the 20's. I used the sleeping bag on top of my bed (so plenty of insulation under me), was wearing long sleeved shirt, fleece bottoms and socks, and slept with my window open. Room temp was probably in the 30's. (Just a guess). The sleeping bag warmed up quickly, but never quite got me to the comfortable temp that made it so I could fall asleep easily. I ended up putting a light fleece blanket over my lower legs and did well after that. The cowling at the neck was fantastic!! I've never had that before in a sleeping bag and it completely changed the experience of moving about to get comfortable.... no cold air rushing into your sleeping bag!

Sizing: As it turns out, size DOES matter. I purchased 2 sleeping bags, a regular length one and a women's size. I am 5'7" the regular is for me. The listing states that it will be appropriate for somebody up to 6' tall. No this is not true if you want to be comfortable. The length fits me just right, if I was any taller it would not be comfortable. As for the women's sized sleeping bag, the listing states that it will work for somebody up to 5'6" tall. I laid the 2 sleeping bags out next to each other and the women's is about 2-3" shorter than the regular sized sleeping bag, therefore, I feel that somebody 1" shorter than myself would not fit comfortably in it. Since I bought this as a gift for my 5'4" daughter, I feel that it will work great for her.

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