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Kelty backpacks have one goal - to make a pack that's as comfortable to wear as your favorite shirt. Light weight is assured by the LightBeam™ aluminum stays and suspension systems. But traveling light is only part of the comfort system built into each Kelty backpack. All bodies are not created equal, and Kelty backpacks ergonomically adapt to varying body shapes. A petite young mother will be just as comfortable in her Kelty backpacks as her college linebacker husband is in his. Convenient organization features such as sleeping bag compartments and fleece lined optics pockets keep your gear s ... Learn more about Keltyafely stowed away. The exclusive Taste Free Hydration technology found in Kelty backpacks provide a built in water supply so you can leave your clumsy water bottles behind. You'll travel farther, faster, and lighter in a Kelty backpack. ... Less