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LEKI Trail Trekking Poles

Discontinued or prior year model. Increase stability on challenging terrain with ultra-rugged LEKI Trail trekking poles, featuring robust 7075 aluminum alloy shafts and Round Top comfort grips.

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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Anasazi Trekker from Los Alamos NM on Monday, December 19, 2016
    I'd love to review some Leki Makalu trekking poles as were advertised but instead of being sent the mid range poles of the high strength series I was sent the lowest model Leki offers and told that color substitutions were in the conditions for the sale items.

    A different color would be understandable but they sent me the cheapest model of Leki poles when it was clearly a set of Leki Makalu poles which feature Leki's strongest tubing(HTS 6.5 7075 Aluminum) and when I pointed this out they said I could return them for a store credit but made no offer to pay for return shipping or replace the poles with the higher model or refund my money. After doing business with Sierra Trading Post for years and years this will probably be my last purchase from them. They essentially pulled a "bait and switch" then blew me off when I called them on it.
  • Reviewed by BBTX from Texas on Tuesday, July 26, 2016
    I bought these poles based on reviews stating they loved the anti-shock feature, though it wasn't stated in the specs. When I received them, I found that they do not have the anti-shock feature that I truly wanted.

    I will have to buy poles from another online retailer as STP cannot guarantee I will get an alternate pair before I leave on my trip

    I have always been very satisfied with STP in the past but am very disappointed with the way this situation was handled by their customer service department.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by The gifter from nevada on Monday, July 4, 2016
    light weight,strong
  • Reviewed by Steve-A from San Jose, CA on Friday, November 1, 2013
    I purchased these poles for a friend after receiving an extra discount coupon. I wish now that I hadn't purchased poles from REI last summer at twice the price. I underestimated the added value of the shock springs in these Leki poles.
  • Reviewed by Bruin '85 from Northern MN on Wednesday, October 30, 2013
    We have been avid walkers, runners and other outdoor sports but this is our first set of poles. So far we've taken them on a few walks about town. Really like the stability they add to our old legs! Not sure how the twist locks will hold up over the years. Looks like most newer poles have clamp type locks. Either way, STP gave us a great price and free delivery so how could we pass that up!
  • Reviewed by Mac from New Hampshire on Monday, September 23, 2013
    My old poles were beat up (cheapos that I got a a large retail chain) so I decided to look for something a little better. I didn't have the $100 plus that I'm seeing a lot of good poles listed at so I needed a bargain. These Leki poles were available with a coupon at about tha same price as the cheap poles I've seen online so I snatched them up.

    The positives: They are lightweight and sturdy (much more so than my old poles). The handles are comfortable and I really like the rounded tops to use when a little extra support is needed. The twist locks hold very well. I have already used the poles once and the they stayed locked in position for the whole hike (I was constantly adjusting my old poles). The shock absorbing springs are also a nice treat for the price I paid. Someone else said the springs were noisy but I would expect that, they are springs. They do make some noise but it's nothing much unless you are really banging them around.

    The negatives: The poles do not come with rubber tips. I was able to procure some at my local outdoor store though. The straps are kind of stiff and rough on the wrists. I think they might need some breaking in but I think Leki could use a better material for these.

    Overall they are a great set of poles and I could not beat the coupon price. I gave them 5 stars even though there are a couple of negatives. But the negatives are minimal and at this price it's hard to complain.
  • Reviewed by Beth from Florida on Tuesday, September 17, 2013
    I have only used these on one trip and they worked great. The hike was not strenuous so I can't speak to the anti shock as there were no hills or declines. The straps worked fine but they did rub a bit on top of my hand but I believe with break in the stiffness will lessen and not be a big deal.
    Got a good price on these with close out deal. Leki is a company that I knew I couldn't go wrong with....
  • Reviewed by Frequent walker from Northern California on Sunday, June 16, 2013
    I have had the Komperdell poles in the past and really liked them. These Leki poles work well, but are a bit noisy. The shock absorbing springs inside rattle against the tubing of the poles and are irritating, to say the least. The price is the reason I bought them, but next time I will wait until the Komperdell poles are on sale.
  • Reviewed by Rob from Europe on Wednesday, May 29, 2013
    Very comfortable (only cork grips would be an upside to these), easy to adjust length and sturdy. Need to buy the asphalt/rock tip rubbers seperately as these are not included.
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