How Customers Save Up To 70% on Name Brands

At Sierra Trading Post, we Love the Deal and Live for the Adventure! That’s why, every single day, you’ll save up to 70% on name brands. We develop long-term partnerships with the best brand names in the business and negotiate super-low prices on their very best Closeouts, Overstocks and 2nds. The outcome of those negotiations is the savings we pass on to you!

Shoes and Boots
Moutain Hard Wear Columbia Carhartt Smartwool Teva Marmot

What’s more, we identify – in bold – the reason for the savings. This helps you understand why you are scoring such a great deal. Here’s what those bolded labels mean to you:


Closeouts are always first quality. Brands often make design tweaks to their product or add new colors. When they do, their previous product is offered at a heck of a price. Cha-ching!


Overstocks are always first quality. If an item has this designation, it simply means the manufacturer's inventory is too high, and they need help selling their extras. Their miscalculation is your good fortune.

2nds/Cosmetic Blemishes/Irregulars

2nds contain minor cosmetic flaws or slight irregularities that do not affect the fit, performance or longevity of the item. The label may be clipped or marked. A small flaw means big savings!

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