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About Men's Work Vests

Men’s work vests provide warmth and protection for the toughest jobs. Work vests for men are warm and comfortable, so you can keep the cold out and focus on your duties. For chilly days when a heavy coat is not needed, men’s work vests provide the perfect amount of heat to keep you warm without overheating. When the weather is especially cold, work vests for men are perfect for layering, and handwarmer pockets provide fingers a place to take shelter in freezing environments. Some men’s work vests feature reflective strips and are made of bright fabrics to ensure safety and visibility for construction workers, road crews and motorcyclists. Whether you’re swinging a hammer or swinging your motorcycle around a curve, your safety depends on your visibility. Work vests for men by Carhartt, Work King and Moose Creek are tough, lightweight and easy to maintain, making them perfect for any job.