Not what I expected from Mountain Heardware

Reviewed by Chris from Michigan on Friday, March 1, 2013
They list this as a 20 Degree bag, Mountain Hardware not Sierra, but when you read the EN ratings it lists as 25 or 26 for men and 36 for Women. It is also feels like there is very little down in the bag, which with 800 fill I would have expected it to be much loftier. The neck baffle is a nice idea but it barely was more than an ergonomically shaped tube of cloth with barely any down in was useless. The other night I laid out some blankets on our covered front porch and laid this on top of the blankets and a packing mattress I have to test it out in 30 degree weather (wind chill was in the upper teens) and as I mentioned that neck baffle was useless and didn't stop any cold air from moving in or out of the bag. The one thing I did like was the face baffle which closed very small and was very comfortable and full of down. If you will use this bag only in cool to mildly cold weather it would be fine but for warmer weather it would be very uncomfortable to use as it was obviously designed to be used closed up only. The way the shoulders are cut make it uncomfortable to lie in opened up. But with it closed up it still isn't a really "warm" bag". I laid in it outside for 20 minutes, fully clothed, and started to feel cool and the air temp as I said was only 30. If it was a much less expensive bag it wouldn't be bad for limited use but for the price I absolutely cant recommend this bag in any way, even at the great prices Sierra carries it for. I love Mountain Hardware stuff and really wanted to like this bag but in the end I had to send it back.
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