What a tent!!

Reviewed by mike in the NW from Spokane, WA on Monday, May 13, 2013
First off I want to say that I bought this tent at an incedible discount to begin with and it arrived quicker than I can imagine. So the initial part of this review is directly reflective of how efficient and speedy the Sierra Trading Post on-line website is. Now for the tent, it's better than I thought, it's ideal for backpacking and I do a lot of back country hiking where weight is crucial. This has to be the lightest 2-person tent out there, and that's including the rain fly. Now when it says 2-person, that means 2-avg sized people, I'm 5'10' 165 lbs and I haven't actually had another person in this tent yet, but two people of that stature could sleep comfortably in this tent, oh and did I mention stay totally dry. I've used this three times and I put my gear inside with me, as I'm always looking for something, However two 70L packs can easily fit under the fly outside of the door. This tent can literly be put up less than 5 min. If it's a cooler night the fly can keep alot of heat in and keep you quite comfy without any condensation, and on clear warm nights the mesh ceiling provides a great view of the night sky to watch satelights and meterors. For the $ it's as good as you want or need!!
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