Excellent tent

Reviewed by Steve Wainwright from Seattle on Monday, October 7, 2013
So far, I've only set up this tent in my basement, just to make sure I can do so when and if the Northwest weather improves. I purchased this model for two reasons: (1) I've had great luck with Mountain Hardwear products for years, and (2) I have had their 3-person tent for three years with no quality issues whatsoever.
This tent is very well made and pretty simple to set up, as the poles are attached to a plastic hub at the center. The hub clips to the top center of the tent. Very intuitive design. The only drawback I've found with the preattached pole arrangement occurs when you try to set up the tent in a brushy, close-quarters site. You have to make sure the pole ends don't get caught in branches or bushes.
Once the tent is up, I've found the 3-person to be reliably dry and protective. As with most tents, the rated capacity -- 2-person, 3-person, etc. -- is either wishful thinking or designed for people 5 feet 8 and 125 pounds.
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