The question is: Where are you taking your Native sunglasses today? Not to brag on their behalf, but Native Eyewear is pretty well-seasoned in the adventure realm. Whether it’s the avid deep-sea fisherman who wears Native polarized sunglasses to block glare reflecting off the water, the mountain biker who uses them for full-coverage protection or the free spirit who peers through her tinted lenses to find the road less traveled, it’s easy to see why this brand has developed such a loyal following. So, again, we ask: Where are you taking your Native sunglasses ... Learn more about Native Eyeweartoday? ... Less
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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Don the biker from Washington on Friday, July 31, 2015
    Great glasses, they work great for skiing, mt biking and motorcycling! Brought this pair to replace a pair I lost. These fit me perfect, best sunglasses ever owned.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Frap from Chicago on Monday, July 27, 2015
    I don't have a big head, but these are really small. Returned. Sierra returns are simple and fast.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Scoutmaster Steve from Washington on Thursday, July 16, 2015
    The glasses are ok. The lenses are larger than expected and rest on my cheeks. That requires them to be cleaned more often than I would like. They do cover and protect the eyes very well and to this point the lenses seem to be of good quality.
  • Reviewed by centermass87 from Ohio on Monday, July 13, 2015
    I've had these for about a year now and love them. They are my go to shades but I was disappointed recently to find out that the spare pair of lenses do not fit the frames. Other than that these glasses have not done me no wrong. I have worn them waterskiing, jet skiing, boating and even went down the Olympic section of the Ocoee river in North Georgia and they have always stayed snug. I really like the construction of Native frames, their lenses are scratch resistant and their hard/soft case is a beast. Too bad the spares fit the frame
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by bowl turnin' hiker from Tennessee on Wednesday, July 8, 2015
    I love the fit and feel of these glasses. Also very lite weight.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by mgregg from California on Wednesday, May 13, 2015
    The lenses make everything look clearer. Plus my skin has a reaction to most plastic glasses, so I especially like that the inside of these glasses (that sits on the nose and my face) has soft rubber, which keeps my skin from breaking out and keeps the glasses from slipping when running, biking or hiking.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Fun in the outdoors from AK on Tuesday, May 12, 2015
    awesome sunglasses, use them for field work every day because of their start of the art protection. Great price!
  • Reviewed by CA Runner from California on Friday, May 8, 2015
    I love these sunglasses. I've had them for a few years and they've held up well. I am a competitive runner and these are the only glasses that stay in place and don't steam up. The interchangeable lens are great for cloudy or low-light windy days. They fit perfectly, but I am a petite woman. I'm buying another pair in case I happen to lose this staple.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Steffy from North Dakota on Monday, May 4, 2015
    Glasses block light very well from top and sides, they are comfortable to wear, and fit my narrow female face nicely.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Happy Camper from Connecticut on Wednesday, April 29, 2015
    I was looking for a quality pair of sunglasses that completely shaded my eyes. Both of my parents had Macular Degeneration, so it was important to me (and my eye doc!) that I had a high quality pair of sunglasses that completely blocked the sun. Of course, I also wanted them to be stylish and good for driving as well as outdoorsy activities . Not easy trying to find a pair of sunglasses that met all of these requirements! I have always been a fan of the Native sunglasses as they have excellent lenses and it's the only brand (that I know of) that has the "vent" up top so that your sunglasses don't fog. I was all set to buy a pair at our local outdoors store, but then found these for literally half of what I was going to pay at the outdoors store. They are rather large frames - probably meant for a man, but I think that they give a "Jackie O" look. However, they are probably better proportioned for a man's face.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Skwala1 from Minnessota on Tuesday, April 14, 2015
    Great wrap around fit for fly fishing and very light weight. Nice hard side case and the extra lenses were a bonus.
    My second pair of Natives and they have not disappointed.

  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Tim from Tucson from Tucson, AZ on Monday, April 13, 2015
    I love native eyewear sunglasses but these were too short and fall just below my eyebrow. The sunlight pours through the vent holes along the top and is quite distracting. I really wanted to like these but they do not work for me.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Robert from Houston, TX on Monday, April 13, 2015
    Among all of the sunglasses on the market today, I've found that Native Nano2 fit me best (large head) & the ability to change out the lenses to meet the environment is a feature that I really like. These are very lightweight sunglasses that go with me everywhere & meet every need, including OSHA safety requirements when I visit sites that require it. The polarized lenses work wonders while fishing & I can adjust them to meet the light - cloudy, early morning, bright sunshine, &c. I have three sets of frames & a multitude of lenses in the hopes that they will carry me through the inevitable breakages & damage over the years, especially since these are a discontinued model - though there are still plenty of them in the marketplace.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Sensitive Eyes from CO on Wednesday, April 1, 2015
    Lenses are terrific, best of all Native Eyewear I have owned. I have had at least 6 pair, these are the best. The coverage is great on the sides as well and view is completely unobstructed. Filtering is awesome. Only negative is they seem to be warped, rub around the eyebrow of only one eye. I love everything else about them, so am trying to decide if I will keep them. Truly hate to return. May see if Native can do something since they stand behind their products so well.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Dstone from Reno, NV on Tuesday, March 31, 2015
    I bought these for my husband. They look great on him. Great deal. The only drawback was he cannot figure out how to "snap" out the interchangeable lenses. Good thing we live in Reno, so he can go to the store and ask.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Phil the Hiker from Oregon on Tuesday, March 31, 2015
    After loosing my previous pair of Native Eyewear Dash XP sunglasses, I found another pair at Sierra Trading Post that was the same except for the color and turns out I favor my new blue glasses over the other color. This was a Closeout purchase which made the price nice and I felt I could pay a little more in shipping to receive them in 2 days. There they were 2 days later on my doorstep. Good service. Great sunglasses.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by RT from Montana on Monday, March 30, 2015
    good fit for smaller face light weight good lenses. The STP price is hard to beat
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by That one guy from Montana on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
    Very small frames and lenses, even for a small face like mine. Even if you consider yourself to have a ridiculously small face, these are too small. They don't extend high enough so plenty of light comes through the top of the frame, defeating the purpose of even wearing sunglasses. These were returned.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Dylan from Connecticut on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
    Fantastic product
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Fred Lebonkowitz from North Carolina on Tuesday, March 24, 2015
    Well made, comfortable. Comparable to the Smiths I've been wearing. There is minor optical defect that produces blue spots under some conditions. My one real complaint: From the catalog picture I could not tell that the lens surface on these glasses was mirrored. I don't care for the mirrored finish. The low light lenses included are not as strongly mirrored. I'm keeping them since they meet all my other requirements.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by jbs from richmond va on Saturday, March 21, 2015
    that i currently own 4 pairs says it all. the interchangeable lens system is awesome. frame quality is equal to brands 2x-3x as expensive. i've used the warranty twice to cover lens scratches and body wear on two different pairs. not only did they cover the wear and tear, they replaced my glasses with thee current design rather than my 4 year old set. great company and wonderful product. i only hope they keep this up so i never have to look for another brand!
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by elefem from boston on Thursday, March 19, 2015
    Native's are great. I have had several pairs over the last ten years. The lenses and polarization are perfect for me. That said, I have had horrible luck with their frames in the last four years. They seem to break at the temple if you look at them funny. These sunglasses are ok but they are going back. For the money I want a sturdier frame.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by B Mann from Pacific NW on Wednesday, March 18, 2015
    Solid construction,lens removal super easy ,and multiple lens selection.What more could you ask for ? Great price and stellar service is included from Sierra Trading Post !
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by K9Feats from Seattle on Wednesday, March 18, 2015
    I liked the eye area coverage but they sat too close to my brow and were very uncomfortable Nicely packaged and great glasses, just not for me
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Teuter from Pennsylvania on Tuesday, March 10, 2015
    The Native sunglasses are great! I purchased them from Sierra because i couldn't pass up the price. I had a previous pair of Native sunglasses for years that I loved and am thrilled to have replaced them.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Malibu Trekker from SOCAL on Monday, March 9, 2015
    These are very nice. Good looking, functional and provide comfortable viewing even when in harsh glare.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Summitman from South Dakota on Thursday, March 5, 2015
    great case. great fit, best of all the vision with these make everything crisp and clean edges. Love the polarization for reduced glare.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Summitman from South Dakota on Thursday, March 5, 2015
    This is my second pair of Native Goggles. The new ones for the slopes and the ones last year went on my helmet for snowmobiling and ATV riding. They off the hard to find polarized lens in the goggle platform. As for these goggles, for vision ...they are near glasses quality. For the goggles, they fit well and do not fog.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by momof4greatkids from NE Ohio on Wednesday, March 4, 2015
    the lenses are great, crystal clear, and the venting is wonderful for active outdoor pursuits. However, no matter how I adjust the band, these feel uncomfortably tight across the bridge of my nose so much so that it feels slightly claustrophobic. Not a great fit. I have a small to medium face.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Trogdor from Utah on Tuesday, March 3, 2015
    I've teased my wife for years that she has a smaller than normal head size. Nothing to be self conscious of. I usually have her try on sunglasses in the kids section and they fit her really well. Anything "normal adult" size sticks too far off the sides of her head and look giant. (My wife is extremely cute, I promise! She just has a small head). After reading others reviews about how tiny these were, we figured we take a chance. These fit perfect! These glasses are tiny! My 4 year old tries to wear them and they fit her also. Don't expect these to fit like normal size glasses.
    My wife got the white pair, and they are really cute and seem to be really well made. Glad I could buy these horribly small glasses for a deep discount! Works perfect for us, and I imagine would be perfect for a 8-10 year old girl.
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