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  • Reviewed by Jo Jo from Wisconsin on Saturday, September 19, 2015
    I bought this range finder fifteen years ago. I bow hunt over four hundred hours a year and gun hunt over two hundred hours a year. Also, a big golfer. This product has been a true friend! It has been used very hard and even dropped forty feet one time and has worked perfect thru it all. The only thing I would change is to make the battery door more difficult to open! I came to this web site and found out that they are sold out (looking for another one for my daughter). It is larger than most range finders which is a big advantage! It is easier to control (stay steady) on targets, like a pin on the golf course or deer at 400 yards. I never write reviews but felt this product deserves it! My Nikon laser 800 8x28 4.5 even has the date and serial number on it.... 12/01#UF501155 This AWESOME product has done me well, and owes me nothing! Thanks Nikon
  • Reviewed by SquatThrust from Texas on Sunday, July 12, 2015
    This Nikon "Riflescope" is model 6308, a discontinued model, that is designed for Shotguns with a parallax setting of 75yds. STP DOES NOT MENTION (Disclose) THAT THIS IS A SCOPE DESIGNED FOR SHOTGUNS. Also, The light transmission is 90% -- not 98% as STP writes in product description.
    Don't know what else is incorrect, but buyer beware and STP fix this please-I'm losing confidence in you guys.

    All that being said, i own several Nikon pro staff scopes and am very satisfied with their quality. this Nikon 6308 scope has quality glass and well built. Made in Phillipines, FYI.

    I don't know that it matters to me that this is a shotgun scope as it will work on a rifle, I just don't want a scope set at 75 yd Parallax for a a Rifle. I wished I had that info before I purchased, now I have to return.

    I give the scope a high rating based on my history with Pro Staff and my inspection of this 6308 Scope. BUT I Give a STP a big fail for poor product description.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by uptheriver from OH on Saturday, May 31, 2014
    I was a little worried after I ordered these and realized they were "factory refurbished". They came with a 90 day guarantee, and seem to be brand new. I needed something to watch the birds from my balcony, and these are quite nice. The clarity is the first thing I noticed, very sharp.
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