Ocean Kayak didn't invent the original sit-on-top kayak, but Ocean Kayak did perfect it. Sit-on-top kayak innovation is the Ocean Kayak mission, beginning in 1971 when Ocean Kayak launched their first sit-on-top kayak. A short list of Ocean Kayak innovations must include creating one of the first roto-molded sit-on-top kayaks. Roto-molded sit-on-top kayaks are tough, efficient and lightweight, offering years of maintenance-free fun. Ocean Kayak makes the world's most popular sit-on-top, the Malibu Two. Ocean Kayak's patented overlapping foot wells allow one, two and even three people (a smalle ... Learn more about Ocean Kayakr person in the middle) to fit comfortably in a compact tandem kayak. Ocean Kayak offered the first sit-on-top kayaks specifically designed for women. Ocean Kayaks often feature stackable hulls, making Ocean Kayaks easier to store. Ocean Kayak’s 35 years of quality and innovation have made today's sit-on-tops safer, more durable and much more enjoyable for paddlers of all ages and abilities. ... Less

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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Jeremy from California on Monday, June 27, 2016
    I contacted STP before I bought this kayak to make sure there wouldn't be anything majorly wrong with it. I was put at ease when customer service told me that the flaws are barely noticeable and they would not affect performance. I purchased the kayak and received it about a week later. It was delivered damaged. I am still unsure if it was damaged during delivery or if it was shipped that way. It had a deep scratch about 2 feet long and a dent/scratch about the size if a half dollar coin. There was also a slight molding flaw towards the front of the kayak that I could see as a typical "factory 2nd" situation. I quickly called customer service to complain. They offered me a new (factory 2nd) kayak or a discount on my purchase. I took the discount due to an upcoming family vacation. I would not have been able to take delivery of a new one. Shortly after taking their deal I also noticed 2 large warps or dents in the hull. I only noticed them when I turned on the extra lighting in my garage. I haven't tried to pop them out with hot water yet. Hopefully it works. Bottom line.... The customer service is great....the product...not so much. You get what you pay for. BTW, I purchased this kayak for $1199. They gave me a $400 discount for my troubles. A week later they changed the price on their remaining inventory to $840.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by BSB5045 from Maryland on Monday, April 25, 2016
    Nice, stable fishing platform for big guys and gals. Was able to stand up and fish my first time out. Plenty of storage fore and aft, with a nice console in the middle.

    I was a little disappointed that there were no factory rod holders. I like the replaceable rail inserts but there is literally nothing installed. I bought some recessed rod holders and cut them in. Be ready to customize this boat. Also, it is heavy, really heavy. Overall, great buy!
  • Reviewed by Hannah novice paddler from Missouri on Friday, October 23, 2015
    I bought the Ocean kayak Tetra 12 from the online site on a Monday morning and the kayak arrived at my house that following Thursday, so the shipping was much, much quicker than the projected time supplied by the website (9 to 12 day). I had the kayak in the water the day it got here. I have had it on the river for roughly three hours total so far and I honestly couldn't be happier, the boat tracks straight and is very stable. I'm a 35 year old 4 ft 11 female so the boat is a bit heavy and some what cumbersome when it comes to loading and unloading it alone but It is manageable with a little persistence and some creativity. The dry storage compartment is large which is great but the hatch lid doesn't latch down as tightly as I would like. The only other negative thing I have to say about the kayak is that I don't really like the plastic clips that are used with the bugging components, they are hard to operate one handed. I love the seat, it is very comfortable and it adjusts easily, the foot pegs are also easy to adjust and are very useful. The handles located at the nose of the kayak and the stern feel good in the hand and are easy to hold onto. I wish there were handles on the inside edge of the cockpit for caring instead of on the outside of the boat, this would make it easier to carry by myself. All and all I have to say this is a great boat for the recreational paddling I intend on using it for, and my dogs seem to really like it as well.
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