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Oggi Stainless Steel Flask - Wide Mouth, Insulated

Overstock. The extra-wide mouth of Oggi's stainless steel flask makes it suitable for chunky soups and stews as well as beverages, and the double-walled vacuum seal keeps contents hot or cold for hours.

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  • Reviewed by Planet Ocean from Boston, MA on Wednesday, May 29, 2013
    Haven't used it yet but will be - for drinks and food.
  • Reviewed by Swan from Albany, NY on Monday, April 15, 2013
    I preheated the thermos for 20 minutes with boiling water, then added my very hot soup. Four hours later the soup was only luke warm. It was very disappointing.
  • Reviewed by LEER from Metrowest- MA on Sunday, March 31, 2013
    You really get what you pay for in terms of these SS thermos style insulated containers. NISSAN makes the best ones period IMHO. Even the Stanley ones are NOT like they use to be. This OGGI brand is from China. The plastic on it doesn't feel very robust and I would be afraid to stick it in the dishwasher (no, I haven't read the instructions to it, LOL .... I hand wash stuff w/ hot soap water anyway. With the top taken off, I can just fit my hand inside to scrub it out. FYI - use mild bleach solution over night to remove stubborn coffee stains in tight necked thermos where you can't reach in there to clean out !!

    I wouldn't buy this unless you are on a tight budget and even then I would steer you away from it. I know the handle will break off later on. The flimsy white bowl inside the cover I would use to drink cool liquid out of - it is very thing and something warm would burn your hands if you were to try to eat out of it. Using the cover to eat out of would be OK, but if you have no way to clean it before closing it, a LONG spool is a better option.

    YMMV - buyer beware.
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