Question “How wide is the opening? Would a 2" blender ball fit inside it easily?”

Asked on 6/2/2016 8:05:16 PM by Jenny from the block from Raleigh NC
  • Answer No a blender ball would not fit. There is a guard on the opening that is removable but the opening is not as wide as my blender ball bottle.
    Answered on 6/2/2016 8:48:15 PM by Spandy from Dallas
  • Answer I believe so, it's pretty wide.
    Answered on 6/3/2016 9:11:23 AM by cheapskate from Philadelphia
  • Answer Yes, I believe it would fit. Unfortunately, I lost the bottle so can't measure :(
    Answered on 6/10/2016 7:50:30 AM by Kate from NY