Good for puppers and for drivers

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Nebraska Climber from Nebraska on Tuesday, May 24, 2016
I had another one of these covers by a different company, but it was stolen (crazy, I know) and I needed a replacement. In general, these covers are really helpful because they a) keep the dog safer while driving, b) keep your seat much cleaner, c) help keep the dog from wandering about the cabin of the car (especially from jumping into the front seat). I have a small hatchback, and this seat cover does ok; the adjustment straps are very long, so it can certainly work for average size cars, but cinching them all the way down still leaves the hammock with a little play. This is the only negative really for this design; the hammock can be a little gappy at the outside edges, or the dog's weight might pull it down a bit in the middle. This gives the pup a better shot at jumping the barrier into the front seat. The other version of this hammock I had featured a zipper that divided the hammock perpendicular to the bench seat (letting you cut it in half, essentially. This is helpful for being able to put a person in the car and keep half the hammock up. However, the dog also could help push the zipper down (and get his head into the front seat and, say, a bag of snacks, or even be able to jump the barrier easily). this design doesn't feature the zipper, which is probably better, but does have velcro that lets you separate the hammock lengthwise (across the bench seat), and thus could allow you to still fold back half the hammock and put someone, or a car seat, in the back with the pup. I haven't tried this, but it seems like it would work fine. The material is strong, and a little better than the previous version I had. The dog seems to slide around a little less. Even if he slides a bit, he's much safer not falling off the seat. Even though my seats can fold fully flat, I'd rather use this than just flatten the seats. This keeps the dog confined more, keeps him from hopping all over the back cargo area, and allows me to keep food out of reach. You also can still use the space under the hammock to store items when taking trips, and keep those things relatively safe from the dog, so it's helpful for creating efficient use of cargo space. The only other thing I worry about as we go into summer is that the black material will get very hot.
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