Patagonia Nomad Boots

Reviewed by majorcarp from Idaho on Tuesday, March 26, 2013
I've had a pair of these boots for 3 years now and I love them. Well-made, light, and comfy. They seem pretty stiff out of the box but they quickly become very flexible. Personally I thought they were great out of the box and break-in time was negligible. Not the heaviest-duty boots so I wouldn't use them for long trips with heavy packs, but for shorter trips, light packs, all day hiking or any general outdoor activities they are great. Long trips with a light pack would be fine, but that's not a typical of long trips. If you do plan on backpacking with them, be aware that they are much more flexible after a short break in time than when new so you might get the support you need for that when they are pretty new. They make a great Sept elk-hunting boot and truthfully mine turned into daily-wear boots once the soles started to wear down. When mine got really worn the soles did start to peel up in places but I just shoe-gooed them back together and they are still going strong. So now I wear the old ones around town and I just ordered a brand new closeout pair that are still in the box. I didn't want to mess with getting the re-designed version though I'm sure they are comparable. I suppose with a lifetime guarantee Patagonia would've done something for me on my first pair, but I've worn them to nubs so I wouldn't feel right about that. In summary, other than side-sloping and long trips with heavy packs, these boots are killer.
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