One of the best in the market

Reviewed by Marcel from Boise, ID on Thursday, June 20, 2013
I bought the tour version of this beacon which doesn't have the scan function and the frequency checker, I won't be a tour leader any time soon so it wasn't worth the extra $50 for the features. Other than that it's the same beacon. It's one of the best beacons in the market along with the mammut pulse barryvox. For the price it's being sold at STP this is the best for your money, you are getting a top of the line beacon for an affordable price, don't forget a beacon can save your life and/or your friend's life. I haven't used this much yet other than for a couple of training sessions on a beacon park. It's very intuitive and works fast and has a good range. It gets some time to get used to the harness it's a little bulky compared to bca tracker or mammut harnesses, but not a big issue. STP is selling the fall 2012 which comes with the latest firmware so you save some money having to send it to a pieps customer service in order to get a firmware update. Don't think twice if you are looking for a new beacon or your first one, this is a great buy. One note is that PIEPS beacons don't have the switch back to transmit mode, this might be a deal breaker if you like the feature, I think it's very unlikely to get caught on a second slide while searching for a buried person, but you might think differently , other than this one I would only consider the Mammut Pulse Barryvox.