Poorly desgined knockoff of jetboil zip

Reviewed by Charlie the camper from New Mexico on Sunday, June 16, 2013
Primus used to be a great name is stoves. This particular model is really shoddy.

Next to a jetboil this seems poorly made. I fired up the jet boil and primus side by side, indorrs at 7200 feet with 16 oz of water and no wind. The jet boil reached boiling in under 2 minutes. The Primus took almost 4 minutes. That's 2x it's manufaturer's spec. It was comapritively quiet next to the jet boil so I'm fairly sure the stove I was testing was defective and not letting out enough gas. I repeated this experiment switching the gas canisters to be sure. It was a lemmon.
The design defects are many. The jetboil has a secure easy to use twist lock. This one has a fiddly tinny sticky spring clamp that takes 3 hands to operate if you don't want to spill boiling water on yourself or burn your fingers. The add on pot stand hooks are just peices of bent steel, smooth finished and unlikely to securely balnce a pot there's a second peice of steel for the heat sheiled. There's no provision to store these or the legs for th base inside the stove unit so you have to keep track of them in your backpack. They are a nuisance to install of remove when the stove is hot. The jet boil has 4 not 3 legs with an integrated heat sheild for it's pot stand and they are more secure, packinto the stove for transport, hard to lose, and remove easily when the stove is hot.
The stove I received was missing the welded on hook attachment point for the hanging bracket but I could see this ateel hanger was a bit of kludge. I suppose it's fair to say the jet boil doens't even have this provision. So that's something.

the bottom of the cup has a heat transfer fin that is just like the jet boils. The difference is that the jet boils was not missing welds whereas my primuz one was missing several welds.

Finally, the jet boil can store all it's parts plus a fuel can with the can removed from the stove. The Primus sove is desgined to store the cannister still attached to the stove, trusting the valve not to let it leak during transit. Doesn't make me feel good.

The autoigniter on this was a rickrty ceramic tube sheilding th ebetal. It's not supported by any structure so the ceramic is taking all the force if you bang it on a rock. It looks like it was asking to get cracked. My jet boil zip doens' have this feature. you have to use a lighter.
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