Primus Firehole 300 Stove - Two Burner

Closeouts. A gourmet upgrade for your two-burner campstove, the Primus Firehole 300 cooks like a champ and offers lots of extras like a built-in utensil case, LED hood light, LED timer and adjustable feet to stabilize the unit on iffy outdoor surfaces.

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  • Reviewed by camper john from massachusetts on Wednesday, March 19, 2014
    The problem I have is the packaging was the worst I have ever seen. The internal packaging was missing important securing parts. The box itself was completely damaged. The item was damaged on the side of missing internal secure packaging. I could not use the box that it was sent in to return it. The shipping dept. has no quality controll criteria. The shipping dept. did not do thier job. For an expensive product, no respect was shown. I will be calling and
    see what can be done .
  • Reviewed by josh from carlsbad, ca on Sunday, February 09, 2014
    While it is worth $129 and free shipping I can not believe the retail price on this stove. I feel bad for the people who may have bought it at that price. Mine works fine however it came with a bent hood, one burner was tilted forward and a bunch of chips out of the outer paint. I am sure it will do the job of cooking my food and its worth buying at more than half off retail but my older century feels more sturdy and I think it will probably still outlast this primus.
  • Reviewed by Camp Cooks from California on Thursday, November 14, 2013
    The stove we recieved was beyond belief for the lack of quality in a stove at this price (even on sale). Here is a summary of the issues we discovered while the stove was unpacked on our kitchen counter. The magnets were able hold up the lid while sitting still on a counter until you touched the stove, at which point one of the sides would let loose resulting in the top falling backwards and the other side would fall, imagine what a gust of wind would do. The grates that hold the pots were uneven and teetered up and down 1/4 inch at the corners. The clips on the underside of the stove housing that are intended hold the gas supply hose for storage would not hold the hose in place even when the stove was gently picked up. I pinched the clips tighter, however, they are made of such low grade metal that they immediately loosned when the hose it pushed back in for storage. The plastic nut that secures the igniter button on the front of the housing was backed off to the point of almost falling off which suggests that it would be easy to loose during normal travel to and from camping. One of the plastic camlocks that is intended to hold the lid closed for storage was installed slightly off so there was insufficient tension to keep it locked. Due to the above listed issues we repacked the stove for return without testing it's abilty to easily light, simmer, etc. We are very experienced campers who have used over 25 different models of camping stoves and this was one of the worst. We are rating it 2 stars assuming it would easily light and hold a decent flame. (We won't score it down for things we didn't test). Even if it was perfect on those two criteriait would still be so diffucult to secure the lid and sides from falling and deal with the wobbly pot grates that cooking would be a irritating chore. We own a Firehole 100 and purchased this one hoping for an improvement on the finicky igniter on the Firehole 100 along with the upgrades this one promised. We will deal with the finicky igniter.
  • Reviewed by John of Stroh Ranch from Parker, CO on Tuesday, November 12, 2013
    excellent flame adjustment! Although i've not taken it on a camping trip "yet" but i have tested it at home. the flame adjustment and amount of flame is fantastic! Think I'll be selling my old stove.
    this one seems to be worth it. the only negative was two of the magnets holding the kit on the hood came off. i have sense super glued them and
    they seem fine so far. not a big deal.
  • Reviewed by 6gillshark from San Juan Islands on Friday, September 06, 2013
    You can get this same stove for a buck less at REI, not on sale! I thought Sierra T.P. was supposed to be a discount house.
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